Sunscreen that cares for the face

Sunshine: essential for physical and mental health and energy

Why sunlight is good for us
Sunlight is a natural energy that can create miracles. It helps control key functions of the body, such as sleep. Sunlight can improve our mood, increase our happiness and improve our overall health. Therefore, sunlight is not only a moment of pleasure, but also a necessity for a happy life. Use the right sunscreen to make full use of the positive energy of the sun. read more

How to choose sunscreen products

1.When using sunscreen products with SPF50 or more and PA+, pay attention to the PA value. Whether to apply multiple layers when selecting a product type is standard.

(1)Face:sunscreen lotion and sunscreen lotion,can be thickened and close to the skin; read more

Is barrier cream the same as sunscreen?

Isolation sunscreen is a product that women usually use more,but for these two products, many people feel that their efficacy is the same,but in fact there is a big difference between isolation and sunscreen. In the following article, we have made a specific introduction to this for your reference. read more

Out of travel so that sun protection is the most correct

How to protect yourself from the sun when you go out

1. waterproof sunscreen to remove makeup

Non-waterproof sunscreen can be washed off with warm water, and for waterproof sunscreen, because of its long-lasting formula, waterproof formula, cleanser to wash as "overcoat bath", so, first use makeup remover oil "to oil dissolve oil", in order to the most effective, the most gentle The most effective and gentle way to remove it is to use an oil remover first. If you don't remove your makeup thoroughly, it's easy to clog your pores and cause acne. read more

How to Protect Your Skin in Summer

The problem of sun protection is the main concern of many female friends. In the summer, many people may be tanned and even sunburned when they go out to play, so it is very important to do a good job in sun protection. So how to effectively protect your skin in later life? Let's take a look at it together. read more