How do I take care of my skin? What is the basic skin care regimen?

First of all, since we are talking about skin care, we need to know what determines the condition of our skin. For skin, genes account for 70%, diet and rest account for 20%, and skin care products account for 10%. But! But death can ruin 100%! Genes can not change, so we can only improve the skin condition from the diet and skin care products to start. read more

How To Change Skincare Routine for Summer

The so-called "one white cover three ugly", summer is coming, girls start to worry about their tanned skin, summer is hot, we will inevitably be exposed to ultraviolet rays, a little careless will be tanned, however, in order not to fit, we can not go out, so how can we enjoy the sun in the summer without worrying about tanning? read more