How to treat enlarged pores

I believe that many girls suffer from large pores for a long time. It not only affects the beauty of your face, but also leads to the makeup can not be fit to the skin. In fact, large pores, in dermatology is not a "disease". read more

How to effectively remove blackheads

The formation of blackheads is due to the oil secreted by the skin hiding in the pores, and those that come into contact with the air are oxidized into black substances, which is what we call blackheads. The oils will also become the attachments of the gray layer in the air. read more

How to reduce pores

1. Laser skin resurfacing

Laser peels not only shrink pores,but also reduce wrinkles,sun damage caused by peeling, acne marks,and most importantly, it also promotes collagen formation-an essential ingredient for skin elasticity and health.This treatment improves skin tone,tightens the skin of the face and stimulates the long-term construction of elastin and elastin. read more