How to effectively remove blackheads and pimples?

Blackheads are small dark spots that appear on the skin. The skin cells and oils in the follicles that die in the skin usually cause these bumps. When their skin opens up, they come in contact with the air, which makes the surface look black or dark. These bumps are therefore called "blackheads". Acne vulgaris lesions contain oxidized melanin, a pigment produced by skin cells called melanocytes. read more

How to get rid of pimples on face fast?

Summer is here, and with it comes the hot sun, the sebaceous glands and the pimples that are just showing their sharp edges. For girls who love beauty, blackheads are really an abrasive goblin. Once you have a blackhead, even if your skin is white and your features are good-looking, it will give a big discount to the face, and even the temperament is completely gone. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not sure what to do. read more

Popping a Pimple: Squeeze Acne or Not?

There are two very different views on whether or not you can pop pimple with your hands after it grows, one is that squeezing a pimple helps it disappear quickly, and there is an inexplicable feeling of pleasure after squeezing it, so there is no problem with squeezing it. The other viewpoint is that squeezing pimples can easily lead to serious skin infections and damage the dermal tissue and subcutaneous fat, leaving pimple marks, scars and pits that will not dissipate for a long time. Which one is the correct one? read more

Top 10 Causes of Enlarged Pores

A lot of people will find that the pores on their face are large,so what is the cause of large pores?What should I do if I have large pores?How do you usually reduce pores?Let's take a look at it. read more

How to get rid of acne?

The most worrying thing about oily skin is the breeding of acne and acne, it is simply the spring breeze blowing again and again, the breeding will make people lose the confidence and patience of treatment, which is mainly that you do not master the right skin care methods. read more