How to take care of dry skin

Rough skin needs more careful care to slowly return to a hydrated and full state, especially after the skin has entered the light maturity stage, it needs more daily care to prevent premature aging and pathological skin. So, what is the right way to take care of your skin? How to keep your skin from getting rough? read more

What to do for oily skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body,covering most parts of the human body, has an important role in protecting the internal structure and discharging body sweat. At the same time, as the part of the human body in direct contact with the outside world, it has the title of“human body thermometer”. The skin transmits warm and cold signals to the brain, and the brain sends signals to the human body to increase or decrease clothing. Just after taking a bath or just coming out of the swimming pool, you will feel the appearance of goose bumps. In fact, this is a protective effect of the skin on the human body, due to the contraction of the pores of the skin.Different people,his skin properties are also different.Some people are born with good skin quality,not easy to dry, not easy to get oily acne, however, some people are born with oily skin.It's okay in winter,and it's even more uncomfortable in summer.Sweating is very annoying. read more

What to do for oily skin

What should I do with oily skin?

1. Pay attention to the use of skin care products

The use of skin care products to maintain the skin is one thing that most women can't reduce,but for people with oily skin, don't choose to use skin care products with oily texture. When using skin care products, don't wipe too much, just a thin layer.Oily skin should pay special attention to hydration. At this time, you can use some hydrating masks to hydrate the face. When the skin is balanced in water and oil, the skin quality will be improved. read more

How to improve oily skin

The most troublesome thing for oily skin is summer, only after washing the face not long after it became a“big oil field”, the skin always feels shiny, very uncomfortable.So how does oily skin improve? read more

How to get rid of acne?

The most worrying thing about oily skin is the breeding of acne and acne, it is simply the spring breeze blowing again and again, the breeding will make people lose the confidence and patience of treatment, which is mainly that you do not master the right skin care methods. read more

How to treat oil on face?

Oil on the face is a problem that many friends with oily skin are very troubled by, so what is the oil on the face?What should I do better? read more