Body Moisturizing System

Moisturizing doesn't just mean applying moisturizer, it just protects and moisturizes the epidermis through its appearance. True long-term hydration still depends on our body. The human body itself has a perfect moisturizing system,and the dermis is the source of water, so to speak. ”The interstitial cells of the dermis contain a lot of water,without them, the water retention capacity of the dermis will decrease. read more

How to use moisturizing mask correctly for dry skin

Dry skin refers to skin with less than 10% of the water in the stratum corneum of the skin due to the reduction of sebaceous gland secretion and the increase in epidermal water loss caused by damage to the skin barrier.Its surface skin is thinner,acne and acne rarely grow on the skin, and pores are not obvious.Dry skin can be divided into two situations: lack of water and lack of oil. read more

How to do dull skin and no tone

Makeup has become a fashion now, makeup not only allows a person to have a beautiful appearance, but also to enhance their temperament, but if makeup is not adequately removed after makeup, it is likely to harm the skin, in addition, if you use some cosmetics that are not suitable for you, it will also cause pore clogging, dull skin and other problems, therefore, it is very necessary to master some skin care tips. read more

How to hydrate dry skin in autumn?

Autumn weather is relatively dry, this time skin care should pay special attention to moisturizing and hydration.So how to do a good job of skin hydration and moisturizing in autumn?In addition to skin care, which fruits can also help hydrate skin care?Let's take a look at it. read more

The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin is?

Many people think that drinking enough 8 glasses of water a day, the skin will not dry the problem of lack of water, in fact, even if you drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, the skin is still impossible to remain supple.Although drinking water is important for skin moisturizing, it is difficult to improve the lack of water in our skin by drinking water alone. read more