6 benefits of using a water mask

If you have social activities, please don't drink unless you go to the salon to give your face a new look. The mask is your savior. In less than 30 minutes, get a picture-perfect, party-friendly skin at a very low cost. read more

The correct skin care steps after applying the mask

Correct skin care steps after applying mask

1.Massage.After applying the mask, you can massage the face,which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients in the mask by the facial skin, can also accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, and reduce the production of fine lines. read more

After applying the mask or not to wash your face

Masks play a more important role in skin care. The efficacy is not the same, and the types of masks are not the same. There are tubes for cleaning, there are special hydration, and there are whitening and emollient.The serum content of the mask is high,and it can give the skin on the face a relatively rich " nutritious meal”. The mask is not limited by time,but most people choose to apply the mask before going to bed at night.After bathing, thoroughly clean the skin,and then lie in bed with your favorite music and apply a mask. It is a very enjoyable thing.Many times after applying the mask, I go to bed directly,so do I need to get up and wash my face after applying the mask? read more