Some reasons for permanent makeup failure

1. Incorrect eyebrow design. Eyebrow design is the key to creating the ideal eyebrow shape. Eyebrows that are not designed according to the characteristics of the customer's eyebrows and the shape of the eyebrow bow should be a failure. read more

Tips for blowing out fine and pollen youth base makeup

Spring dry weather and ultraviolet light, fine dust, yellow sand, pollen are the biggest enemies of the skin. In April-May every year, the face becomes red and rough, and the number of people who visit dermatology is increasing because the dry climate takes away moisture from the skin, dust in the atmosphere, and recently, yellow sand and fine dust irritate the skin, causing various skin diseases such as dermatitis. read more

Eye makeup is bullish, what to pay attention to?

The"Mask-wearing makeup method" attracts attention, and the makeup around the eyes is concerned, but the "Quan-koo" style is popular, as if the other areas are thinly decorated and not decorated. According to a recent analysis of cosmetics sales in February and March in several shopping malls, Home Shopping reported that sales of basic cosmetics increased by 77.3% year-on-year, but orders for color cosmetics such as Foundation decreased by 31.6%, and one mall reported that lipstick decreased by 17% and blusher and ball touches decreased by 7%. Masks are changing the fashion in spring makeup. read more

Clear eye makeup, stop reddening

Corona 19 has also been shown to affect the purchase of tonal makeup. According to a report, due to the reduction in mask wearing and going out, the use of color cosmetics has decreased sales, and the number of purchases has also atrophied. read more

Can I still wear makeup if I have acne?

One of the major problems of skin care is acne, acne affects the beauty and affects the mood. There are many reasons for acne, such as: not removing makeup, excessive cleaning, endocrine disorders, menstruation, fire and so on. So can you wear makeup when you have acne? read more