7 Fat Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid

The first and most likely mistake in the fat loss process. I think the healthy breakfast that many friends think of is orange juice,milk and cereal and the like. In fact,is this really the case? In fact, these are the foods you need to control in the process of fat loss. Why do you say that? The reason is simple, because this food contains a lot of sugar. Because sugar is a kind of carbon, it is not only high in calories, but also can significantly increase insulin levels. This is what you can't see. If your insulin level rises significantly,not only are you not consuming fat,but you are more likely to accumulate fat. At the same time, it is a kind of carbon water, so if you eat it for a while, it will be stored in the form of fat. Therefore, when continuing to breakfast, these high-sugar or high-carbon foods should be avoided. However,this is not to say that everyone can't become some form of carbon capital. If you want to eat it, choose foods that do not produce a lot of insulin fluctuations, such as cereals, vegetables and fruits. Therefore, these foods are an ideal carbon number choice during fat loss. read more