Eye cream: Is it really necessary for women?

Often when it comes to skin care, we often skip the eye care step. You may have heard fancy advertisements that it can reduce or even eliminate signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark circles. Is it really that kind of miracle? Or is it just a moisturizer that comes in a little box with the word "eye" on it and charges a super expensive price? read more

How to eliminate Dark Circles under the eyes

Dark circles are a physiological phenomenon, there are many reasons for dark circles. Today Xiaobian will tell you about the cause of dark circles and the method of eliminating dark circles. Let's take a look at it. read more

Can I rub my eyes after drawing eye shadow

Drawing eye shadow can be said to be a must-have skill for many girls now,and it is unlikely that many people now go out without makeup.So for the novice, a lot of people have a question,after drawing eye shadow eye itching can rub it?Will it affect the makeup?What should I pay attention to? read more

How to remove big bags under eyes?

Bags under the eyes of the lower eyelid skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and orbital diaphragm relaxation, posterior orbital fat hypertrophy, prominent formation of bag-like protrusions called bags under the eyes.Bags under the eyes are common in the elderly around the age of 40, both men and women can occur, it is one of the early manifestations of the human body begins to age.So what is the reason for large bags under the eyes?Of course, with the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards and the development of science, it is possible to delay the occurrence of bags under the eyes. read more

How to make your own eye mask

1: Cucumber egg white eye mask wrinkle

After washing the cucumber peel juice, filter out the juice with gauze, add egg white and mix well,then drop 2 drops of white vinegar and then stir evenly,apply to the skin of the face after cleansing,can also be used as a mask to apply the whole face, about 15-20 minutes to wash.Long-term adherence to the use of wrinkle and moisturize the skin effect, but also to improve the phenomenon of skin relaxation. read more

How to care for the eyes

The skin around the eyes is particularly soft and thin, and there are many folds,so the skin around the eyes evaporate faster; at the same time, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands of the skin around the eyes are less distributed, especially easy to dry and lack of water.So, how to take care of the eyes? read more

How to remove eye bags

Bags under the eyes are a skin problem that seriously affects the appearance of the face,but also a symbol of aging. Bags under the eyes in the elderly are a normal physiological phenomenon, mainly caused by human skin aging and loss of elasticity of the skin in the corner of the eye.However, many young women in real life also have bags under the eyes prematurely, mainly caused by frequent staying up late and improper diet, so women should pay attention to the maintenance of eye skin, if there are bags under the eyes should take measures to relieve, in fact, there are some foods that can play a role in relieving bags under the eyes. read more