What is the cause of severe dark circles under the eyes?

What is the cause of serious dark circles on the body?

Depending on the situation.

Dark circles are mostly due to long-term staying up late, mood swings, eye fatigue, eye aging and other factors that cause slow blood flow to the skin and blood vessels around the eyes, insufficient oxygen supply to the tissues, and excessive accumulation of metabolic waste, resulting in pigmentation of the eyes. There are two main types, one is cyan dark circles, and the other is tea dark circles. read more

How to quickly remove dark circles under the eyes

How to quickly remove dark circles

For dark circles caused by different reasons, different methods need to be used to quickly remove them. If it is dark circles caused by lack of sleep, you can use ice to constrict blood vessels, which can be effectively and quickly removed; if it is dark circles caused by pigmentation, you need to be treated by laser to remove the accumulated pigment on the skin. read more

The 9 causes of dark circles under the eyes

Causes of dark circles


Congenital genetic or acquired eyelid pigmentation increases;the patient's ocular orbicularis muscle is congenitally more hypertrophic, or the pigment of the eyelid skin,the innate physique is darker and more than the skin pigment in the adjacent parts, so it shows dark gray eyes. read more