How to Whiten Skin in Autumn

I believe that many people in life began to prepare for beauty in the autumn, indeed, after a whole summer of baptism, bronzed skin has taken root in our bodies, many people's skin has been tanned into dogs, and even sunburned.Now is the whitening season, girls should seize this good opportunity, let their skin white back. read more

Do I need to wash face after applying face mask in autumn

Autumn weather is relatively dry,  we need to pay attention to skin care this piece. Many people will apply a mask in the autumn, so do you need to wash your face after applying the mask? What should I pay attention to in autumn skin care? Let's take a look at it. read more

What helps dry skin in autumn

Moisturizing hydration is very important for the skin, especially for women who love beauty, hydration is a daily must-do several procedures.So in the autumn should hydrate and moisturize it? read more

How to hydrate dry skin in autumn?

Autumn weather is relatively dry, this time skin care should pay special attention to moisturizing and hydration.So how to do a good job of skin hydration and moisturizing in autumn?In addition to skin care, which fruits can also help hydrate skin care?Let's take a look at it. read more

Stay away from these myths for Autumn skin care

With the arrival of autumn, the temperature gradually drops, the humidity in the air will decrease,and the water molecules on the surface of the skin are easy to evaporate and dry the skin. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of moisturizing in autumn. I believe that many people will pay attention to skin care after entering autumn, but pay attention to avoid some mistakes in skin care. read more

How to do skin care in autumn?

Enter the cold dew solar terms,the weather turns cool,the climate is dry.At this time, the human skin also entered the "troubled autumn", prone to dryness, allergies and other problems.Do the following 3 lines of defense, autumn skin safely through the autumn. read more