Why are there more and more wrinkles on the face

Why are there more and more wrinkles on the face?Wrinkles increase with age.In addition, eating sweets, often staying up late, smoking and other bad habits can also lead to increased wrinkles.

1. Age

Age factor Long wrinkles are a problem that many women do not avoid,with age, the state of the skin will decline, slowly grow wrinkles.This condition can delay the time of long wrinkles by diligent maintenance,but it is impossible not to grow wrinkles at all, unless with the help of medical beauty.Years never fail beauty, because the wrinkles caused by age will bring a different kind of charm to women.

2. Sweet tooth

Women's love for sweets can be said to be unavoidable, eating sweets will make people feel happy, very happy,but eating sweets still has a lot of bad places, reflected in the appearance, that is, it will make people's skin enter the state of aging in advance,and into the state of aging, long wrinkles are inevitable to happen.So if you want to prevent wrinkles, you should reduce the intake of sweets as much as possible, especially after secondary processing of sweets, including a pound of snacks and the like, such as natural fruit sweetness can be ingested, because the vitamins in the fruit for the maintenance of skin state is also very helpful.

3. Stay up late a lot.

Staying up late has become a bad habit that many people adhere to, whether it is the active choice to stay up late or passive to stay up late or work overtime, most of the women's skin is destroyed here.At night, the various systems of the body are in a stage of repair, including the repair of the skin, if you stay up late for a long time, the skin repair can not be carried out smoothly,the toxins in the skin can not be discharged smoothly,waste is not metabolized well, so that the skin will enter a state of aging, the growth of wrinkles.

4. Smoking

In recent years, perhaps because of increasing pressure, the number of women who smoke has gradually increased.Women smoke like men, in addition to the adverse effects on physical health, but also promote skin aging wrinkles.Long-term smoking women's skin condition will be very poor, will make people feel dark skin tone, sallow no luster,such a state of wrinkles is not surprising.