Whitening care to protect skin from UV rays

It is still May, but the stinging sunshine makes the skin easily tired. People who have a lot of time to spend outdoors with strong UV rays should be prepared for blemishes and freckles on their faces.

When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, the skin pigment-forming cells are stimulated and the skin defense mechanism works. The melanin pigment formed at this time prevents ultraviolet harmful components from penetrating into the skin.

However, long exposure to ultraviolet light causes an abnormally large amount of melanin pigment to form and settle, causing the face to change into a dark and grayish skin as a whole. Blemishes and blemishes do not disappear easily once they occur. Why not manage it with a whitening product?

Whitening products are products that have the ability to blur blemishes, freckles, etc.of the face and return the part to its original skin color. When used steadily, blemishes and pigmentation on the face become pale, and the skin looks clean. Of course, with the use of whitening functional cosmetics, you can see the effect of brightening the entire skin tone, but cosmetics play a secondary role, so even if the functionality is good, it is difficult to see a great effect when used a few times.

Nowadays, almost every cosmetic brand has a line of whitening: skin, lotion, essence, cream, eye cream, sheet mask, etc. If you use all of one line to see the best effect, but the cost is burdensome, it is better to choose one or two products according to your skin condition, preferences, and usage pattern.

If you want to achieve a noticeable effect in a quick time, we recommend ampoules for intensive care programs or essence enriched with a large amount of whitening ingredients, and spot products that work effectively on local areas if you want partial care. It is a good way to apply oily creams on dry skin and essences or lotions on oily skin. If you don't have enough time to use these products, you can choose one mask pack to see the effect. From moisturizing to whitening effects, mask packs that can be intensive care in a short period of time are also coming out.

It is good to choose a whitening functional product with arbutin, which is most widely known as an ingredient that helps whitening, as the main ingredient. Arbutin is extracted from the leaves of bilberry or Western pear, and inhibits the activity of an enzyme called tyrosinase involved in the production of melanin pigment, showing a whitening effect. Vitamin C also has a whitening effect because it inhibits melanin production. Vitamin C is easily oxidized and has a weak skin penetration disadvantage, but relatively stabilized derivatives are used as products. In addition, glabridine contained in licorice extract, Dak tree extract, upper white skin extract, soibin milk extract, chamomile extract, etc.have a whitening effect.

Skin overexposed to ultraviolet light is thicker and slimmer than normal skin. This is because the skin creates more melanin pigments and stratum corneum to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation. However, if the keratin thickened by the production of keratin cells, excessively stagnant sebum or dead cell layer, keratin builds up excessively, even if you use good cosmetics, it is not absorbed properly and the skin color becomes dull.

Therefore, it is helpful to exfoliate about once or twice a week depending on your skin type. You can use cosmetics, cleansers, or steam towels containing AHA ingredients. However, be careful if you do too much, it can cause skin trouble.