Which foods are good for the skin

At a certain age, our skin will be inferior to day by day.And if you want to maintain good skin, in addition to using a variety of skin care products, many foods in our lives can also be called natural skin care products.The following Xiaobian will tell you which foods are natural skin care products.

Which foods are good for the skin? Which foods are natural skin care products? What is good for skin care?


Deep-sea fish are rich in DHA,which is an essential nutrient for the human brain.And tuna is a low-fat,low-calorie food, rich in protein and other nutrients,in addition to meeting women's nutrition, it will not make people fat.


Honey is rich in vitamin c,vitamin e,flavonoids and phenolic substances,which have strong antioxidant properties.Can remove free radicals in the human body,play an anti-cancer,anti-aging role.


Apples are a kind of low-calorie food, producing only 60 kcal calories per 100 grams; the nutrients in apples are soluble and easily absorbed by the human body, so they are called“living water”, which is conducive to dissolving sulfur elements and making the skin lubricated and soft.There are also copper, iodine, manganese, zinc, potassium and other elements in apples. If the human body lacks these elements, the skin will be dry, easy to crack, and itchy.The antioxidant quercetin in apple peel protects the skin from short-wave ultraviolet rays.Therefore, on a sunny day, in addition to applying sunscreen before going out, you may wish to eat another apple.

Black Tea

Black tea helps warm the stomach,increases the metabolism of the human body, controls blood sugar, and helps reduce blood lipids.Antioxidants in black tea and green tea can destroy the transmission path of cancer cells, so as to play an anti-cancer and anti-aging role.The anti-aging effect of black tea is better than carrots and broccoli.


Lily can nourish yin and dryness,relieve cough and strengthen stomach,nourish yin and nourish kidney,clear heart and soothe nerves, anti-cancer and anti-aging.Usually, we can use lily silver fungus sydney to make sweet soup,which is a good choice for women.Long-term consumption can moisturize the skin and nourish the beauty,reduce the production of wrinkles.

Black Wolfberry

Black wolfberry contains anthocyanins,anthocyanins are an effective antioxidant, it can prevent the formation of wrinkles, more able to supplement nutrition, eliminate harmful free radicals in the human body.

Which foods are good for the skin? Which foods are natural skin care products? What is good for skin care?


The nutrition of walnuts is very comprehensive. The fatty acids in walnuts can effectively help us reduce blood lipids, and they also contain protein and polyphenols. The content of vitamin e is also very high, which can strengthen the brain and help us delay aging.


Tomatoes contain carotene and vitamins A and C,which have freckles, beauty, anti-aging,skin care and other effects,and can also treat infectious skin diseases.Tomatoes can balance the PH value of the skin, freckle whitening.At the same time, lycopene in tomatoes protects collagen in the skin so that it is not easy to peel off.German studies have found that lycopene helps flatten wrinkles and makes the skin tender and smooth.Eating tomatoes often is not easy to appear dark circles.


Lettuce is an annual or biennial vegetable of the genus lettuce of the Asteraceae family.6 lettuce leaves can provide the vitamin A needed for 1 day,which can promote cell metabolism.Lettuce also contains a certain amount of trace elements zinc and iron,especially the iron elements in lettuce are easily absorbed by the human body. Regular consumption of fresh lettuce can prevent iron deficiency anemia.In addition, the potassium in lettuce can promote blood circulation and allow the skin to get more nutrients.