When rashes continue, stop hard cosmetics!

Autumn is a time when you feel less acne and rashes, but this year, even those who have not done it before because of the mask, it is getting worse. When you use a mask, the temperature increases in the mouth, so the sebum secretion increases. When the temperature rises 1 degree, sebum secretion increases by 10%, and when you breathe and talk with the mask, the humidity increases, whereby the epidermis is finely swollen and this change blocks the entrance to the pores, acne symptoms become worse.

Cosmetics have various forms, such as emulsions, essences, creams, oint, depending on the formulation. Double stick type cosmetics are widely used for the advantage that they are easy to carry and can be applied without touching. However, sticks often contain ingredients that block pores, such as beadwax, into the base, which can cause acne. Stick formulation products include various stick formulation cosmetics such as stick foundation, Stacksadow, stick concealer, stick blusher, and stick sun cream.

In the case of stick foundation or stick concealer, the problem may be worse because it is often used to apply several times where there is trouble after the basic makeup. If you want to cover the problem persists, attaching a pimple patch or using a liquid concealer is more helpful than stick formulation.

Stick-type sunscreen is often used for outdoor exercise with the advantage of being easy to apply without washing your hands. However, by forming an oil film on the surface of the skin, the feeling of discomfort can be felt, and if used continuously by the ingredients that block the pores, such as wax, acne may worsen, so it is better to reduce the use if the trouble persists. However, after applying a cream or lotion type UV blocker during outdoor exercise, it can be useful because it helps to block the UV light without touching the part where the sweat flows. If you use this formulation of ultraviolet blocker properly, you can apply it as if you were passing through it once, and apply it thinly, depending on the curve of the face, there may be a place that does not apply properly. In order to properly block ultraviolet light, you should apply it carefully several times so that there is no empty place. In particular, it is better to apply more carefully to the vast areas where blemishes and blemishes occur without missing areas.

The stick formulation may not be well wiped during washing, so it may be strongly pushed and wiped with a soap or cleanser with a high surfactant content or acidity. If the skin is sensitive, it is necessary to wipe it with a lotion or gel type of primary facial cleanser, and then do a secondary facial cleanser with a slightly acidic facial cleanser. Sometimes, if there is no primary cleansing agent, such as cleansing lotion, it may be wiped while irritating with soap, but in this case, after using as a substitute for the primary cleansing agent as a regular lotion or body lotion, wipe with a tissue and give a secondary cleansing with a mild cleanser of slightly acidic is a way to reduce skin damage.

Reducing the temperature and humidity inside the mask and reducing friction as much as possible is a way to avoid trouble and protect the skin. It is not easy, but when the mask is moist, it is also helpful to lift the mask slightly to lower the humidity and let the air through. In addition, if you use it for a long time at work, you can lighten your makeup as much as possible and use a dry mask alternately when the mask is extra moistened to help prevent trouble.