What type of skin are you?

What type of skin are you?
• Normal skin is naturally smooth and elastic. Dryness or tightness is not obvious on normal skin. Almost perfect skin. It is very moderately tight, so it is smooth and elastic. It is not sensitive and has good blood circulation. But even normal skin needs moisturizing and protection to look healthy. Lightweight moisturizing lotions can also provide nutrition and maintain luster.
• Dry skin really needs care. The protective barrier of dry skin is weak, so letting it dry will cause the skin to crack and peel. Care for your skin with thick creams and masks.
• For dry and very dry skin, it is important to provide enough fat and moisture. Start your care with a thick intensive care cream.

Normal skin-keep balance with gentle care
Normal skin is the type of skin with proper moisture balance. Daily care with a mild cream or lotion is enough to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Skin or sensitive skin types that change over time

Products suitable for this type help maintain the elasticity of mature skin. A gentle lotion is perfect for balancing sensitive skin.
Sensitive skin-care is gentle and effective
Sensitive skin needs special nutritional care. Gentle care can stabilize the moisture content of sensitive skin and prevent irritation.