What to use to moisturize highly allergic skin

For allergic skin, allergies can be said to occur often,and the most common trouble with allergic skin is dryness.So what kind of moisturizing does the skin use for high allergies?

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What to moisturize with skin allergies

1.What to moisturize the skin with high allergies

In the cold winter, we must choose skin care products that have a very good moisturizing effect. Some women are used to using moisturizing masks. Although this is a very good method, the masks can not only allow the skin to absorb the corresponding beneficial nutrients, but also take away trace amounts of moisture from the skin. Women with allergic skin types are best not to use them frequently.

Cuties with medium and dry skin are best to use more serum or lotion with good moisturizing effect in autumn and winter. This not only can ensure the moisturizing effect of the skin, but also the number of face washes is best controlled for about 4 weeks. Be sure to use moisturizing fresh fruit skin care products before going to bed at night, so as to have a very good effect on skin care.

For the special skin type itself, it is necessary to avoid the problem that the stratum corneum is too thin. You can consider using anti-allergic skin care products. The effect of such skin care products is very good, and it can easily help solve the problem.

2.How to choose skin care products with high skin allergies

2.1.Choose slightly acidic cleansing products

Due to seasonal changes and other reasons, the skin often becomes extremely sensitive due to dryness and lack of water. Therefore, when choosing care products, it is best to choose products that do not contain spices, alcohol, heavy preservatives and other ingredients.In terms of cleansers, it is best not to use alkaline products that are too thick and too irritating. Products that are too alkaline will also harm the skin, so it is best to choose some mild and slightly acidic cleansers to use.In addition, you can't use a cleansing brush, sponge or loofah when cleansing your face, so as not to make your skin sensitive due to friction.

2.2.Use non-alcoholic toner

The effect of toner is mainly to make the face fresh and smooth.General toners contain more or less alcohol.In addition to redness of sensitive skin, these alcohols will also make the skin taut when the alcohol evaporates. Therefore, toners should be mild in nature and free of alcohol and spices. When applied, they are generally flicked with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger. Remember not to slap hard to avoid irritation to the skin.

3.How to maintain high skin allergies

3.1.Make good use of lotion to replenish a lot of water

In addition to drinking enough 8 glasses of water a day, the skin also needs to replenish moisture in a timely manner.When washing your face, the water temperature should not be too high, so as not to cause the skin to lose moisture faster.After washing your face, you also need to use lotion to tap until it is absorbed to maintain the skin's water retention state.

3.2.Moisturizing spray with you

People with sensitive skin can carry spray products with moisture retention and hydration function with them, and often use them to achieve the effect of timely hydration and relieve dry skin.

3.3.Use cream to protect the skin

Even if you don't make-up, you must not forget to wipe a layer of cream before going out. In product selection, you can choose a cream with an SPF value higher than 30 and no burden on the ingredients. The sunscreen function is more significant. At the same time, if you choose a base makeup product, you should also choose one with a sunscreen function, which can improve the skin's ability to resist the outside world.

How to repair high skin allergies

1.Pay attention to sunscreen

Many people think that only summer should be used for some sunscreen treatment.In fact, it is not. Although the sun in spring is not as virulent as in summer, the same cannot be taken lightly. Although it is early spring, don't forget to go out and apply sunscreen. You can choose some sunscreen products with a lower sunscreen coefficient and low irritation to avoid damage to the skin from the sun.

2. Wash your face with warm water

When washing your face, you must master the temperature of the water well, and it is best to wash your face with warm water.Whether it is cold water to wash your face or hot water to wash your face, it will irritate your skin,and may even aggravate allergies.So we must choose to wash our faces with warm water,which can not only effectively maintain the skin, but also enhance the resistance of the skin.

3.Gentle cleansing

Some people have oily skin and always feel that their faces are not washed clean,so they rub their faces hard when they wash their faces,and some use facial cleanser twice.These are wrong.Over-dry skin is more prone to allergies, and over-cleaning will dry out the skin, so it is tantamount to increasing the chance of skin allergies.Therefore, when washing your face in the spring, you must remember the word "gentle", and you can clean it moderately.There is also a link to take toner, and it can also be tapped.

4.Adhere to moisturizing

Spring is dry and dry. In early spring, it is best to use some pure moisturizing plant-based sprays to hydrate the face often. When the skin is healthy, it is not so easy to be sensitive.Dry skin is more sensitive,and it is easy to cause allergies.

What to pay attention to when the skin is highly allergic

1. Resolutely do not eat hair products when you are allergic. Many people may not be able to control their mouths. Eating hair products will only lead to an aggravation of allergies, such as beef, leeks, bamboo shoots, beef, peppers, and even eggs. It is best not to eat them.

2.During the allergy period, you should keep a distance from the animals at home. The hair of the animals will be stained with bacteria. Contact with pets may aggravate their allergies, so you should stay away from them.

3. When the girl is allergic, it is best not to touch the cosmetics.The skin should be allowed to breathe freely.If the cosmetics are used, blocking the pores will aggravate the allergy.

4.To keep the skin clean,do not use too hot or too cold water to wash your face, do not use irritating facial cleanser, clean the skin with a mild facial cleanser.

5.When the skin is allergic, you can eat some light food.It is better to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as tofu, radishes, cabbage, and cucumbers, which may promote the improvement of allergies.