What to pay attention to in winter skin care

Skin care needs to be divided into seasons,just like changing clothes for the season. Today Xiaobian will tell you what to pay attention to in winter skin care. Let's take a look at it.

Winter skin is affected by the cold and peeling, fine lines,wrinkling, lack of water, roughness, acne and pigmentation and other skin problems.How to skin care in winter,winter skin care needs to pay attention to what?

1. Timely hydration

Winter must pay attention to replenish water, do not wait to feel thirsty before drinking water.Water can promote the discharge of body waste,providing the skin's moisture supply from the inside.In addition to drinking water, external hydration and moisturizing should also be done well,wash the face in time to wipe the water milk.You can also drink more health soup, such as radish stew bone soup and so on.

2. Pay attention to diet

The so-called“eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer”is about the health principle of nourishing yin and clearing heat, reducing dryness and emollient skin.Before winter can eat very few fruits, now science and technology developed, strong preservation technology so that a lot of fruits can be airlifted from the field, so do not worry about no fresh fruits and vegetables can be eaten.In addition, pay attention to the appropriate supplement of protein, milk products, soy products, etc., so that the skin has enough nutrients to glow.

3. Sunscreen

Even if there is no sunshine in winter, pay attention to sunscreen Oh, because the damage of ultraviolet rays all year round, although you can not see and touch, but if you do not pay attention, it is also very painful to the skin oh.It is best to apply sunscreen before going out.Hard sun protection, what sun hat sun umbrella, unless it rains and snows, or the big winter umbrella always feels strange.

4. Adequate sleep

Hibernation Hibernation, adequate sleep is really important in winter.To ensure adequate sleep time and sleep quality, skin metabolism and sedation repair are of great help.Because in winter, the skin will strengthen its own ability to secrete oil, so you will not wake up with a particularly dry face.Northern dry areas can be appropriate to put a humidifier in the room, so as not to sleep when the skin is dehydrated and do not know.

5. The choice of facial cleanser

Winter should definitely abandon the summer with the oil-removing effect of the facial cleanser.The oil on the face is already valuable,and then wash it off.In winter you can choose a mild and non-irritating facial cleanser, such as amino acids, disable soap.

6. The bath time should not be too long

Since the family eliminated the gas water heater, replaced the electric water heater, we no longer worry about bathing for too long gas poisoning.But there is a downside to taking a bath, that is, the water temperature is too high and the time is too long, will lead to excessive evaporation of water in the body.Remember to change the shower gel to an emollient type,or you can take a bath without any detergent for a day or two, only with water.Remember to rub body milk after a bath.In good condition, a simple milk bath can also be performed.