What to do with large pores for women

Good skin is also very important for girls, because it directly affects their own image.However, large pores are a headache for many girls,so what about large pores?How should I prevent enlarged pores daily.

What to do about girls with large pores How to care for girls with large pores How to prevent large pores

Causes of enlarged pores

First, the pores are clogged.In fact, it is not difficult for us to find that when we stay up late or sweat more, the pores will obviously become larger, and there will be acne and crazy acne.This is because the small pores are blocked by the secreted oil,and they can't be secreted, so they naturally support large pores;

Second, the pores are keratinized seriously.We have the protection of the stratum corneum all over our bodies,which is the first line of defense to prevent viruses from invading the body.But the thicker the keratin, the better. Over-keratinized skin will cause pores to be blocked, and the skin will show a small rash.This is a common hereditary skin that may appear up and down the body.

Four tips on how to prevent enlarged pores

Adhere to the correct face washing steps.Facial cleaning is not in place,the residual dirt clogs the pores,and the substances produced by skin metabolism cannot be discharged through the pores. The pores will be enlarged and discharged. Over time, the facial skin will become rougher and rougher, so washing your face is a very important step in our daily skin care.

Exfoliate regularly.The thickness of the cuticle layer is not conducive to the absorption of cosmetic nutrients, so exfoliate yourself every three or five times.Then apply lotion to the skin that shrinks pores.Remember that it must be lotion, not cream,because in all cosmetics, only lotion can penetrate into the basal layer of the skin, so as to completely change the state of the skin.

Disable cosmetics.Try to make up as little as possible, unless there are major occasions, because the oil contained in many cosmetics usually leads to blocked pores, so that the skin can not breathe normally, resulting in enlarged pores.

Pay attention to the diet Mango and kiwi contain a lot of vitamin C,vitamin E, and antioxidants.These elements are rare nutrients for the skin.Insist on eating two or three every day,which can effectively improve skin texture and make skin shiny and elastic within a week.At the same time, you will also find that the skin is a lot more delicate.

What to do about girls with large pores How to care for girls with large pores How to prevent large pores.

Daily skin care precautions

1.Pay attention to hydration

Enlarged pores Part of the girl is due to the imbalance of water and oil caused by poor endocrine and oil control.Too much oil is secreted on the face.The pores formed in this way are large.In the end, there is still a lack of water on the face, so we still have to do a good job of hydration,adhere to hydration and water lock, and it will definitely improve

2.Don't apply too much skin care products

In order to improve the problem of large pores, many girls apply a lot of skin care products, and apply a particularly large number of skin care products at a time. It is actually wrong to cover thick skin care products and essences on their faces layer by layer.The absorption capacity of our skin and stratum corneum is very limited.Once the absorption limit is reached, too many other essence skin care products will not only be unable to absorb, waste, but also form a burden on the skin and stratum corneum, and may eventually form a problem of sensitive muscles.

3.Wash your face with warm water

Many girls wash their faces and control the water temperature is not in place,and they wash their faces in cold water without washing their hair.And some girls like to wash their faces with overheated water,so that washing their faces will make our pores expand rapidly,which is very bad for our pores, and warm water is the best.