What to do with acne on face?How to get rid of acne?

The appearance of acne will make our face value instantly lower,if the long-term face will grow acne will make people lose self-confidence,then the face love acne how to do it?Share some acne remedies for you today.

What is the cause of acne on the face

1. Excessive washing of the face

Washing your face is the most direct way to keep your skin clean,but if you wash it all day long, it will wash off the protective layer on the skin,and even stimulate the skin to secrete more oil,more likely to breed bacteria.So, girls, wash your face once in the morning and evening.

2. Like spicy food

Still comforting yourself that pepper can detox, can lose weight.Before you achieve these effects, look at the acne on your face. Okay?Often eat fried and spicy and other irritating fire food, it will lead to strong secretion of sebaceous glands, resulting in oil can not be discharged from the catheter, accumulated in the hair follicles, so that the skin acne.

3. Touch your face when thinking

Touch your face when you think,touch your face when you look at the chat, how much you hate your face!Touching your face often transfers germs from your hands to your face, increasing the risk of skin infections.

How to get rid of acne

1. A reasonable diet,try to eat less food on fire

Reasonable deployment of dietary habits, so as to effectively prevent the onset of pimples.It is not easy to eat too sour and spicy food in the diet,which will affect the arrangement of hair follicles and promote the onset of inflammation of hair cells.Usually eat more vegetables and fruits, soy products, etc., a lot of vitamins are also helpful to detoxify the skin.

2. Insist on washing your face with facial cleanser

At least adhere to the morning and evening use of facial cleanser to wash your face, with a moisturizing effect of facial cleanser to wash, help the skin water and oil balance, so that the skin is clean, pores get breathable, will not be greasy clog pores,and aggravate the deterioration of acne muscles.

3. Pat the toner

After washing the face can use some toner to moisturize the skin, pour the right amount of toner on the hands, gently pat the face, massage the face, so that the skin absorbs nutrients.It is recommended to choose a refreshing moisturizing toner, do not choose to contain alcohol ingredients, alcohol ingredients will stimulate acne.

4. Use aloe vera juice to get rid of acne

Aloe vera is a very good natural beauty products, among many beauty and skin care products are aloe vera extract, aloe vera is a very good bactericidal anti-inflammatory plant, then aloe vera for acne has a very good effect,it can help the skin expel toxins.Put fresh aloe vera in the refrigerator chilled for a period of time, and then remove, and then remove its juice, directly applied to clean skin,20 minutes later, clean, you can play a very good acne effect.