What to do for oily skin

What should I do with oily skin?

1. Pay attention to the use of skin care products

The use of skin care products to maintain the skin is one thing that most women can't reduce,but for people with oily skin, don't choose to use skin care products with oily texture. When using skin care products, don't wipe too much, just a thin layer.Oily skin should pay special attention to hydration. At this time, you can use some hydrating masks to hydrate the face. When the skin is balanced in water and oil, the skin quality will be improved.

2.Drink more water

People with oily skin usually drink more water and exercise, which can help skin metabolism and reduce the emergence of sebum.The best exercise time is in the morning, and one to two hours before going to bed at night.After exercise, you will sweat all over, and you should hydrate your body in a timely manner.It is worth noting that after just finishing exercise, you can't drink water immediately,and you can't drink too much water before you want to sleep for fear of edema.

3.To ensure adequate sleep

Usually, don't stay up late in order to watch the phone and play with the computer. You should pay more attention to rest and develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early.Because often staying up late can lead to endocrine disorders in the body and slow down the speed of metabolism, thereby accelerating the skin to become greasy.

What to do with oily skin How to care for oily skin How to improve oily skin

4.Pay attention to diet

The diet in life should be careful not to eat foods that are too greasy, spicy, and easy to get angry. When these foods are eaten, they will open the hair follicles of the face and cause sebum to emerge. They can be replaced by light and digestible diets such as fruits, vegetables, and porridge, which are both nutritious and delicious.

5.Pay attention to facial cleaning

For people with oily skin, pay special attention to the cleansing of the face, and clean the face every morning before getting up and going to bed at night.When necessary,you can go to a special skin care store to choose a suitable facial cleanser for use.However, the number of times a day to clean the face should not be too much, so as not to destroy the tissue cells on the surface of the skin and reduce the defense ability of the face.

What to do with oily skin How to care for oily skin How to improve oily skin

How to improve oily skin

Moisten your face with warm water about 40 degrees every morning,then use cleansing products that are soluble in water,such as facial cleanser, soap, etc. to completely remove oil and dirt from the surface of the skin. If necessary, you can use a face brush, then wash it again with cold water to shrink facial blood vessels and reduce sebum secretion.

After washing your face,use convergent lotion to rejuvenate the skin,so that the expanded hair follicle mouth during the cleaning process shrinks,and finally apply a day cream suitable for neutral skin use.In order to more thoroughly remove the oil, dead cells and dirt from the surface of the skin, you should also use a neutral grinding cream to deeply clean the skin 1 to 2 times a week. The grinding should be carried out in the morning. After the grinding, remember to apply a day cream with a moisturizing effect. If the sun is strong, you should also use sunscreen.

Clean your face at night according to the same steps as in the morning, you can also change to a facial cleanser containing alcohol ingredients, which will make the skin feel fresh. Finally, apply a night cream suitable for oily skin. Don't apply too much night cream and use it as little as possible. If you are not yet 25 years old, don't use penetrating skin care products. It is enough to use emollients around the eyes and neck.

Oily skin generally needs to wash your face 3 times a day,so in addition to morning and evening, your face should also be cleaned at noon. The method can refer to the morning care method, but don't grind your face.You can also choose a mask suitable for oily skin for facial application, 1 to 2 times a week.Oily skin in the use of cosmetics,should be less and not more,especially oily cosmetics, in order to make the skin more greasy and clogged pores, it is best to choose cosmetics with more moisture content and moistening effect.In terms of diet,we should avoid greasy and spicy foods, try to quit smoking and alcohol, and eat more fruits and vegetables.