What to do for oily skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body,covering most parts of the human body, has an important role in protecting the internal structure and discharging body sweat. At the same time, as the part of the human body in direct contact with the outside world, it has the title of“human body thermometer”. The skin transmits warm and cold signals to the brain, and the brain sends signals to the human body to increase or decrease clothing. Just after taking a bath or just coming out of the swimming pool, you will feel the appearance of goose bumps. In fact, this is a protective effect of the skin on the human body, due to the contraction of the pores of the skin.Different people,his skin properties are also different.Some people are born with good skin quality,not easy to dry, not easy to get oily acne, however, some people are born with oily skin.It's okay in winter,and it's even more uncomfortable in summer.Sweating is very annoying.

How to make oily skin neutral Oily skin How to control oil Oily skin is easy to oil How to do

Skin is actually determined by internal genes.Human skin can be roughly divided into three categories: oily skin, dry skin, mixed skin. Due to the relatively strong secretions of sebaceous glands, it will lead to the production of oily skin. Here, we also mainly explain for oily skin. The characteristics of oily skin are: it has an impact on the appearance of oily skin, makes people look very greasy, and is also prone to acne, acne, etc., not easy to clean, and affects the mood.In addition, the production of oily skin will also be affected by external factors. Compared with dry winter, the possibility of greasy skin in summer is much greater. Coupled with the higher temperature, the human body's body temperature is exchanged with the external temperature difference, and the human body is prone to sweating. Some people prefer exercise and fitness, and the perspiration is greater. In view of these phenomena, we have made some small summaries to do some nursing work for oily skin.

1.The importance of hydration.Maintaining the dry humidity of the body surface is the key.In fact, the oil on the body surface is due to the lack of water, so the key to oil control is hydration.

2.The importance of cleaning.Skin is prone to oil, and the frequency of cleaning is actually more effective.People with oily skin should wash their faces at least twice a day, once in the morning and evening, and they can also keep some wipes. When they feel uncomfortable, they can wipe them again.

3.The choice of facial cleanser.People with oily skin are best to choose some mild facial cleansers.At the same time, the water temperature is also best to choose warm water. Too cold or too hot will have a stimulating effect on the skin. Long-term operation is not conducive to skin care.

4.The importance of diet.People with oily skin are more sensitive to some spicy and irritating foods and have a greater impact. Some oily and salt-heavy foods are also controlled as much as possible, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The properties of the skin can not be changed, but the measures and precautions for care are determined by ourselves, protecting the skin and caring for our own body.

Practical coup for oil control:

Massage method:After cleansing the face,put a little salt in the palm of your hand, dissolve it with water, and gently massage the face. It can improve the oil output of the face, suitable for oily skin.

Exfoliation method:regular removal of old waste keratin, can keep the skin breathing unobstructed,control oil.

First aid: Use cold water or ice cola in the refrigerator to ice the face,until the pores are immediately reduced,and then use oil control products to double the effect.

How to make oily skin neutral Oily skin How to control oil Oily skin is easy to oil How to do

Hydration method:Carry the spray with you and insist on drinking plenty of water to replenish water.

Dietary therapy: eating aloe vera often can effectively control oil

Amoy rice water method:remove the upper layer of rice washing water after precipitation,add warm water to wash your face,can effectively remove oil.

Essential oil method:Grapefruit and sage have a good quick oil control effect,can whiten and tighten the skin of the face.

Mask method:oil control must pay attention to hydration at the same time,hydration can be applied with cucumber slices.

Perfume method:Apply face with half a spoonful of mixed juice of lime and cucumber.Can effectively improve skin oil.