What to do after sunburn

Summer vacation is the peak period of going out to play, especially going to the beach to play. Even if you apply sunscreen and take sunscreen measures, you will still be caught accidentally.If after the sun, the skin appears red, tingling,blisters,peeling and other phenomena,don't doubt it, you may have been sunburned.


Sun exposure, skin tanning is a trifle, after all, can still come back white,but in the case of invisible to the naked eye, the skin is hit hard and leads to accelerated aging,this is no joke,emergency repair after sunburn is particularly important!

Emergency treatment after sunburn, these steps should be remembered!

1. Quickly cool the sunburned skin.

After going out to sunburn, wrap ice or ice water with a towel as soon as possible for cold compresses, but be careful not to let the skin directly contact the ice, which will make the skin further damaged after sunburn, 3-4 times a day, 15-20 minutes each time, play a role in relieving the skin after sunburn stress reaction.

2. Reasonable medication treatment.

If cold compresses do not improve or relieve redness and pain, it is recommended to go to a dermatologist for medical attention.Sunburn itchy skin, you can take oral cetirizine tablets, external rubbing glucocorticoids.

3. Apply moisturizing products.

You can use hypoallergenic moisturizer, aloe vera gel, vaseline, etc., but it is recommended to use it after 24-48 hours, in addition to minimizing friction between clothing and skin.

4. Be sure to pay attention to sun protection.

Learn a lesson and learn a lesson. During the entire sunburn period, the skin barrier is damaged and fragile,and it can't withstand the destruction of the sun again.Therefore, when going out, be sure to avoid the sun.Skin repair generally takes 4 weeks.When you have to go out, try not to apply sunscreen on the affected area.When the skin is good, you can use it again. You can wear a wide-brimmed hat, long-sleeved clothes and pants, and sunglasses to shade.


5 Wonderful recipes to relieve redness and pain after sun exposure

Cold Compress Care

Cold compresses help neutralize sunburn.When applying cold compresses, you can put towels or clothes in cold water or refrigerator,take out a little twist (without dripping water), and then apply it to the skin.When the water gradually evaporates,there will be a cooling effect,which helps control sunburn and pain.

Apply 3-4 times a day, each time for about half an hour.You can also use gauze stained with saturated saline or water,placed in the refrigerator until cold,applied to the tingling area,removed after about 20 minutes,can eliminate burning sensation and help reduce skin redness symptoms.

Cucumber juice smear

Apply cucumber juice to the painful skin for 10 minutes,cool and penetrate into the skin,and the pain will naturally decrease.

Cucumber juice is rich in moisture,contains vitamin C can enhance the regenerative ability of the skin, can not only supplement the lost moisture of the skin, but also treat peeling phenomenon.Rinse the body with water after application.

Tea hot compress

Gently pat the sunburn with a cotton ball dipped in tea, which can nourish the skin and reduce burning pain.Because tea contains tannic acid,it has a good astringent effect,can reduce tissue swelling,reduce cell oozing,and is very useful for skin with slight sunburn and no violent skin.

If the area of the sunburn is too large,you can also add strong tea to the washbasin,so that the sunburned skin is soaked in water for a few more minutes, the effect will be more significant.

Lotion Care

In the sunburn area, 1% hydrocortisone lotion can be applied,which also helps.

Apply 3-4 times a day to the painful area, do not wash it off immediately, and stay on the skin for 5-6 hours.The effect is better when applying for the first time with a cold compress.

Apply aloe vera juice

Apply the gel-like juice of aloe vera to the sunburned skin, let the juice dry naturally.In addition to aloe vera can help the injured skin recover faster, when the skin due to sunburn and burning pain, coated with aloe vera leaf liquid also has an immediate effect of reducing heat, cooling effect.

Finally, remind everyone, if the sunburn is more serious, the appearance of blisters do not easily pierce it, self-piercing blisters may increase the risk of infection,and greatly hinder the skin's own repair.If the blisters accidentally break,you can wash and disinfect the wound and apply antibiotic ointment.If the sunburn is particularly serious, fever vomiting head chills symptoms, do not carry hard, rapid medical treatment is the right choice.