What should women pay attention to when using Aloe vera gel?

Aloe vera gel is an essential product for almost every woman, nourishing and protecting the skin.But do you really use Aloe vera gel?The three major use mistakes of aloe vera gel must be avoided.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel does not freckle

Aloe vera gel contains superoxide dismutase, peroxidase, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotene and other free radical scavengers, with a certain whitening anti-aging effect.

But it is a little unreliable to say that you can get rid of freckles.Freckle pigment is generally on the surface of the skin, and most of it has a certain relationship with heredity.Now recognized methods of removal are laser or photon.

Aloe vera gel can not cure burns

When the burn is heavy, you need to rinse with cold water for the first time,and then quickly go to the hospital to deal with the burn site.Can not rely on aloe vera gel.Aloe vera gel as a skin care product, you can only expect it to be the level of skin care products, blindly expect it to treat acne and burns and even eczema, only you suffer.

Some people may say that I used aloe vera gel acne is really good, can you say aloe vera gel has no effect?There are two possible reasons,your acne will be good, wipe it will be good.The second is that your acne is very mild,does not require drug treatment, aloe vera gel cooling function has a certain effect.

If your acne reaches Level 2, it is in vain for you to use it for the rest of your life.The more sensitive skin on the face, the more serious it is, because aloe vera gel is used to moisturize the skin, it is not a drug.

Aloe vera gel can not disinfect the wound

Aloe vera gel is not a regular drug,for cuts,abrasions,surgical scars are only an auxiliary effect.

Wound disinfection and sterilization is not recommended to use aloe vera gel, because bacteria and dirt are hidden in the wound, and then rub aloe vera gel to form a closed oxygen-free environment(which itself may also carry bacteria), a large number of bacteria multiply, causing infection and contaminating the wound.

Three wonderful uses of aloe vera gel

1. Whitening and moisturizing:  sandwich mask

[Formula]Aloe vera gel,barley water,compressed mask paper

The first layer of the whole face is thinly coated with a layer of aloe vera glue

The second layer is applied with a mask paper soaked with aloe vera glue and barley water

The third layer is coated with a slightly thicker layer of aloe vera glue

2. After the sun repair: freeze-dried condensation

[Formula] aloe vera gel, lyophilized powder

Take a bottle of lyophilized powder and add the right amount of aloe vera gel and stir well

Apply on wet face for 15 minutes or use directly as toner

3. Obedient makeup: mixed liquid foundation

[Formula] Aloe vera gel, liquid foundation

Blend liquid foundation and aloe vera gel in a 1:1 ratio with your fingers

With a fully absorbent makeup egg, make-up is first-class obedience