What should I do if I have large pores in the T-zone?

As we all know, T-zone distributes a lot of sweat glands and pores, sebaceous glands are very active, easy to secrete too much oil.If endocrine disorders or excessive cleaning and lack of water in the skin can cause large pores,there are a number of ways to improve the problem of large pores.

How to relieve the problem of large pores in the t-zone?

1. Apply the mask

People with more oil in the T area and large pores can choose a mud mask with a deep cleaning effect,which can remove grease deep inside the pores in a timely manner.However, you can not frequently use the deep cleansing mask, you can use it about twice a week, each time for about 20 minutes.If frequent use will increase the rate of oil loss, stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, resulting in the outflow of a lot of oil.When applying the mask to lie quietly in bed can not speak can not do any facial expression, otherwise it will breed wrinkles,after the application of the face clean, and then apply astringent water to shrink pores.

2. Apply ice to the local area

People with large pores will have a lot of oil secretion and pores are open, after each wash of the face can use ice to apply ice to the local area.In addition, wash your face every morning and evening using hot and cold water alternately wash, which can improve the elasticity of the skin, while improving the situation of large pores.

3. Sweat steaming

Through perspiration can open the pores of the skin, so that some of the oil hidden in the depths of the pores follow the sweat out of the body, but also to remove moisture and cold in the body, improve the problem of oil in the t-zone.After each perspiration should be applied in a timely manner to fill the water mask or apply skin care water,so that the skin gets sufficient moisture to moisturize, inhibit sebaceous glands secrete oil.

4. Regular exfoliation

T-zone oil secretion is very strong, metabolism is relatively fast,the surface of the skin in just a few days will accumulate too much waste keratin and aging cells, without regular cleaning can not let the skin absorb the nutrients inside the skin care products.People who are oily in the T-zone and have large pores exfoliate once a week.Because exfoliation can enhance the absorption capacity of the skin,it is necessary to apply a water mask in time to nourish the skin.

Warm Tips

Apply astringent water to the T-zone area after each wash and gently pat it for a long time to improve the problem of large pores.In addition, to adjust the diet structure, eat more water-rich and vitamin C-rich foods, because vitamin C can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, enhance the elasticity of the skin, but also let the skin restore smooth and delicate state,avoid spicy and irritating and high fat and high cholesterol food.

T-zone Skin Problem 1:  Strong oil secretion

T-zone oil secretion is very strong, so many people in the T-zone care will be very focused on oil control, but in fact more important than oil control, should be done carefully to clean the face.

Cleansing is the most basic part of skin care, it can effectively wash away the oil and dirt on the face, is to keep the skin clean and fresh foundation.How is a serious facial cleansing?First of all, in the process of cleansing to be careful and patient, the general cleansing time needs to be maintained at about three minutes; secondly, washing your face with warm water is the most able to wash the face skin.

T-zone Skin Problem 2: Enlarged pores

T-zone is a large pore concentration camp, a lot of MM is deeply troubled.This problem can be solved by exfoliating or steaming the face.

Gently exfoliate in the T area,use some ultra-fine exfoliating massage cream, apply to the t-word area,and then massage from top to bottom,for the position of strong oil can be used to massage and clean, do a good job of exfoliating work, clean, and then apply skin care products.

T-zone care problem 3: Acne

Because the T-zone cleaning is not in place, its own greasy and dirt-filled skin is easy to breed acne,in addition to some diet or endocrine reasons, it is also easy to reflect in the T-zone acne, so in the T-zone care, cleaning is still a very important work, but also pay attention to diet, avoid strong stomach fire, so you can effectively reduce the breeding of acne.

T-zone Skin Problem 4: Uneven skin tone

Many MM T-zone skin color is relatively dull cheeks, T-zone and cheek skin color is inconsistent,can be cleaned by massage to improve the T-zone uneven skin tone.

T-zone Skin Problem 5: Prone to blackheads

T-zone is easy to breed blackheads, and blackheads are mainly composed of oil and dirt, they are mixed in the pores will increase pores, so that the skin becomes rough, want healthy T-zone skin, it is necessary to properly de-blackhead work.