What is the reason for easy peeling of lips in winter?

As soon as many people arrive in winter, their lips dry and peel and even crack, which not only affects their beauty, but also hurts when eating. So what is the problem with chapped lips and peeling in winter?How to relieve?

What about easy peeling of lips in winter? How to do chapped and peeling of lips? How to relieve peeling of lips?

The reason for dry and peeling lips in winter

1. Weather impact

Winter is relatively dry,there is a lack of moisture in the air, and the human body's moisture is also lost.So in the dry season, the lips will easily dry out,and at this time, many people will use their tongues to lick their lips or bite their lips,but they will quickly evaporate,and at the same time take away the already scarce moisture on their lips, resulting in a vicious circle of dry lips wanting to lick more and more, and the result is that the more they lick their lips, the drier they become, resulting in dry cracks and peeling of the lips.

2.The impact of bad habits

When the lips are dry, many people like to lick their lips or wet their lips with saliva, thinking that this will be better. As everyone knows, this habit is harmful to the skin around the lips, which is also a very important reason for chapped lips.

3.Lack of vitamins

Chapped lips may be due to the lack of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as yin deficiency, low heat, dry climate or some systemic diseases. Diet to prevent chapped lips, for people with chapped lips, they should consume food that is peaceful or cold.

What to do if the lips are chapped and peeling

1. Replenish moisture

Chapped lips are generally a problem of lack of water, so be sure to drink a little more water, especially when going out or friends who often sit in front of the computer. The lack of water will be more serious, and you can properly consume more water to keep your lips moist.

2.Get rid of bad habits

Get rid of the habit of frequently licking your lips and tearing your skin.Don't tear it hard by hand, apply it with a hot towel for a while, wait until the skin softens and then apply lip balm to protect it.Exfoliate the lips regularly to moisturize and healthy the lips.

3.Adjust the indoor humidity

Autumn and winter are relatively dry,you can use a humidifier in the place of work, or sprinkle some water on the ground to improve the humidity of the air, and it can also reduce the occurrence of chapped lips.

4.Wipe lipstick

Lip Balm is estimated to be the first choice of many people, but in fact, a better lip balm is very effective in keeping the lips moist. On the contrary, some lip balms may damage the skin, and even peeling, so you must choose carefully. You can choose some lip balms that contain vitamins. In general, it is better to keep the lips moist.

5.Smear honey

If you are starting to feel dry lips,you can use a clean cotton swab to apply some vegetable oil or honey that is available in the family to your lips.Honey can moisturize and nourish the skin well,can also inhibit the growth of bacteria, and avoid skin infection.