What is the correct skincare routine?

First of all, before talking about skin care steps, it is important to figure out what your skin type really is.

skin care routine

What is your skin type?

Usually skin type we will be divided into four types, respectively, neutral, dry, oily, mixed, and a sensitive skin is a problem skin, can also be divided into a skin type.

How do you know what skin type you are?

There are many ways to test your skin type, and we can also do some relatively simple tests. For example, pay more attention to the oiliness of your skin in the afternoon and evening.

  1. The whole day is full of shine, is oily skin
  2. If your skin is oily only in the T-zone of forehead and nose, then you have combination skin.
  3. If you don't have much oil all day long, but tend to flake and dry out in autumn and winter, you have dry skin.
  4. If you are not dry and not greasy, the skin condition is very good, then congratulations you are very rare neutral skin

The characteristics of different skin types

1. Normal skin

Features: neutral skin is characterized by moderate moisture and oil, smooth and soft skin, elastic, red and glossy, small pores, no defects, belonging to the most ideal skin.

Pros: It does not feel very tight, very dry or very oily, which is an optimal skin type.

Cons: There are no disadvantages.

Skin care focus: hydration, anti-aging

2. Dry skin

Characteristics: Easily feels tight, dry face, may have flakes. Usually dry skin is thin and prone to spots on the face. But the pores on the face are relatively fine.

Pros: Not much acne, fine pores on the face.

Disadvantages: easy to grow spots, the skin is more likely to grow fine lines, wrinkles, aging.

Skin care focus: whitening and hydration, anti-aging

3. oily skin

The skin is easy to be shiny and has enlarged pores. Usually there will be skin problems such as dull skin tone, large pores, and possibly closed mouth acne.

Pros: Resistant to dryness, less sensitive, thicker stratum corneum, less prone to aging than dry skin.

Disadvantages: easy to acne, blackheads acne.

Skin care focus: oil control and hydration, water-oil balance

4. Combination skin

Features: T-zone feels very oily, both sides of the cheeks feel very dry

Pros: Like oily skin, it is more resistant to dryness and does not allow allergies and skin problems to occur

Disadvantages: Because there are two skin types on the face, so skin care needs to be partitioned, the T-zone is prone to oil and blackheads and acne.

Skin care focus: hydration

5. Sensitive skin

Features: face easily flushed, face discomfort tightness

Advantages: there is no advantage

Disadvantages: easily sensitive, red, itchy

Skincare focus: anti-allergy repair

2. The correct skin care routines

The general order of morning skin care is.

cleanser → skin care water → essence → eye cream → lotion / cream (avoiding the eye area) → sunscreen

Apply in the order of texture from light to heavy, eye cream is more flexible.

The evening skin care process is more complex, but the texture is still applied in order from light to thick.

3. Specific skin care steps


The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

Some cleansers claim to be whitening, acne, various functions, after all, only those dozens of seconds, how magical can be, or obediently give the other effects to the water and milk essence. As for the face wash, strong cleaning power, weak acidity and mild non-irritating, not harming the sebaceous film of the stratum corneum is good enough.

Skin care water

Skin care water plays a top-down function, both to nourish the skin, to the skin to replenish sufficient moisture, but also to promote the absorption of subsequent products, the sense of use is more comfortable, so the skin is too dry, wet compress what better.


Essence of more active ingredients, small molecules, strong penetration, strong function, intensive nourishment of the skin. So ladies attention, after the age of 25, must use the essence, do not wait for wrinkles to creep on the face before thinking about using oh.

Eye Cream

The eyes are the easiest place to get old, the eye skin is thin, very easy to grow lines aging, when you are young and not properly maintained, later crying to remedy it will be difficult.


The cream can not only nourish the skin and repair the skin, but also lock the moisture and various nutrients, do not pull the skin hard when applying, but apply gently, and cover the face with your hands after applying to help absorb.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen can block ultraviolet radiation skin to the tanning, sun spots, sunburn, but also the face of acne marks, spots and other marks, the color of the sun darker, so, all year round to apply sunscreen!

Of course the most important point of attention in skin care is safe and effective! No effect of the skin care products figure to be a waste, there is damage to the skin care products are not to take a million ~