What is the correct skincare routine order?

Divided into morning skincare and evening skincare, the following are the correct skincare steps.

Morning skincare.
Cleanser - toner - essence - cream, lotion - sunscreen

1. Cleansing: wash your face with warm water first, then cold water. Warm water opens the pores of the skin and makes it easy to clean. Cold water shrinks the pores and tightens the skin, and also removes drowsiness.

2. Toner: The role of toner is to cleanse again to restore the pH value of the skin surface and condition the stratum corneum so that the skin can better absorb and prepare for the use of maintenance products. After washing your face, pat it with a toner to replenish moisture and wake up your skin.

3. Essence: The main role of facial essence is to whiten, hydrate and moisturize, which can really improve the skin, repair the problem precisely and sublimate the skin health.

4. Cream, lotion: cream, lotion in the whitening, anti-aging and other effective ingredients can be better absorbed by the skin.

5. Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a cosmetic product that adds sunscreen that blocks or absorbs UV rays to prevent skin from tanning and sunburn. When outdoors, ultraviolet rays are too strong can also cause damage to the skin, so the morning after the completion of skin care coated with sunscreen to isolate ultraviolet rays and other irritants to protect the skin is very necessary.

Evening skincare.
Remove makeup - cleanser - toner - essence - cream, lotion - eye cream - essence

1. Makeup Removal: Makeup does not wash off through cleansing and the residual makeup can cause damage to the skin, therefore, you must remember to remove your makeup every day and finish removing it before you start your evening skincare.

2. Cleansing: The evening cleansing work is more demanding than the morning, and requires the use of cleansing milk. The cleansing with the technique, the pores of the oil and cosmetics as far as possible to wash away. As shown in the picture for the cleansing technique, hands four fingers together according to the arrow track rotating lightly rubbed, so that the cleaning is thorough without leaving dead ends.

3. Toner: the role of toner at this time is to relax the skin, moisturizing regulation, especially after using cleanser cleanser, the role of toner is particularly important.

4. Essence: even in sleep, the skin does not stop metabolizing. At this point, then pat on a layer of serum, so that the skin can continue to absorb at night.

5. Cream, lotion: at night when the skin continues to metabolize, it also needs whitening anti-aging. It can be said that whitening anti-aging moment can not stop.

6. Eye cream: eye skin is the need for special care in order to prevent eye bags, fine lines early to find, before going to bed with eye cream to take care of eye skin.

7. Essential oils: essential oils can promote the blood circulation of the facial skin, discharging the body waste toxins, so that the face is full of shine. Here essential oils can be applied with the above-mentioned facial cleansing techniques to massage, relax the face muscles and promote blood circulation.