What is the cause of severe dark circles under the eyes?

What is the cause of serious dark circles on the body?

Depending on the situation.

Dark circles are mostly due to long-term staying up late, mood swings, eye fatigue, eye aging and other factors that cause slow blood flow to the skin and blood vessels around the eyes, insufficient oxygen supply to the tissues, and excessive accumulation of metabolic waste, resulting in pigmentation of the eyes. There are two main types, one is cyan dark circles, and the other is tea dark circles.

For cyan dark circles, it is mainly due to the blood retention of microvascular, which is more common in people with irregular schedules; and for brown dark circles, it is mostly related to age. In general, the older the age, the thinner the subcutaneous fat around the eyes, the dark circles will be more obvious.

Can dark circles be inherited?

There is a certain heredity.

Dark circles have a certain hereditary nature.When the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and the subcutaneous tissue is particularly small, the blood flow passes through the large veins here, and blue and black dizziness will appear under the surface of the skin especially close to the skin. It looks similar to dark circles.

For such people,it is recommended to develop good eye habits, strengthen eye hygiene, avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands,and ensure sufficient sleep time,in order to improve the symptoms of dark circles.

Can dark circles be removed for many years

Can play a certain role in improving.

Dark circles are mostly due to pigmentation caused by poor circulation in the eyes. Therefore, if you pay attention to massaging the eyes and applying hot compresses appropriately in life to promote blood circulation around the eyes, it can also improve the symptoms of dark circles for many years to a certain extent.

But if you want to completely remove dark circles,then you need to go to a professional beauty hospital,and then remove them by laser under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Will dark circles form bags under the eyes

Generally not.

Bags under the eyes are mainly caused by the protrusion of fat. Most of them are divided into two types: primary and secondary. Among them, primary bags under the eyes often have a family genetic history and are more common in young people, while secondary bags under the eyes are mainly more common in middle-aged and elderly people. If the bags under the eyes are serious, they will look older, appear spiritual, and can also affect daily life.

The reasons for the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes are not the same, and the manifestations are different, so dark circles generally do not form bags under the eyes.