What helps dry skin in autumn

Moisturizing hydration is very important for the skin, especially for women who love beauty, hydration is a daily must-do several procedures.So in the autumn should hydrate and moisturize it?

Autumn is a windy and dry season, because rain becomes scarce, and water evaporates very quickly,so the dryness of the air will rise, not only the skin is easy to dry,mouth, eyes, ears and nose are also very prone to dryness, itching and so on.And in the autumn to keep the skin tender and moist, it is necessary to hydrate daily moisturizing work, but also the need to drink more water, replenish the body's moisture, strengthen metabolism.

How to hydrate in autumn

Drink plenty of water, drink cool water

If the secret of Brigitte Lin's beauty is to drink more water, then Italian movie star Sofia Roland skin care is more specific,drink 8 glasses of water a day.Maintain a certain amount of water, not only can effectively improve the body's metabolism and blood circulation, promote the excretion of metabolites in the body, and can adjust the pH value of the skin, maintain the stability of the sebum membrane.Therefore, do not wait for the thirsty body to attend the lack of water signal, only think of drinking water.

Keep the water, lock the water

Whether the human body needs to drink water every day, the skin also needs to hydrate every day,but sometimes more hydration or too much hydration is also easy to lead to water loss,how to hydrate in order to moisturize, mainly depends on the crystal osmotic pressure composed of inorganic salts and colloidal osmotic pressure composed of protein, so hydration in addition to drinking more water, should also pay attention to the configuration of a reasonable dietary nutritional structure, the need to supplement more food rich in collagen, mucopolysaccharides, lecithin, vitamins, minerals, in order to improve the nutrition of the skin, enhance the ability of the skin to store water.

Bath Hydration

Drinking water is a way of hydration, but in daily life, bathing is also a way of hydration, if the whole body skin, eye skin is the most delicate, very prone to lack of water and dryness, so special care should be given.On the other hand, because the hands and feet are far from the heart, the blood circulation is relatively weak, the skin of the limbs is drier,more in need of maintenance.After the bath, the use of plant essential oils for full body skin massage,one side of the application can seal the moisture on the surface of the skin, on the other hand, massage can eliminate nerve tension, promote blood and lymphatic circulation,so that the skin is full of vitality.

Bathe discreetly with a mask

Of the many keys that require hydration, the moisture of the face is the most important, because the face gives the first feeling, if too dry to give the impression will be very poor.If you apply a mask in a steam-filled bathroom to hydrate, it will not only make the ingredients in the mask are quickly absorbed.But when bathing, it is not recommended to use jelly-type, peel-type mask for hydration, because they will not only let moisture be absorbed by the skin, but will make the skin drier, it is recommended to use cream-type mask when bathing.

Soak your feet at night to promote absorption

Foot soak can effectively enhance the circulation in the body,can make capillaries more fully absorb moisture,if you apply a mask in the foot soak, not only very enjoy,but also effectively relieve dry skin oh.

Drink red jujube wolfberry water

Jujube and wolfberry together soak water, can achieve the effect of beauty and beauty, in the autumn of this dry season, often drink jujube wolfberry water can not only nourish beauty,but also have a good hydration effect, relieve dryness in the body.

Reasonable application of humidifiers

Office workers always sit in a closed office, it is easy to cause dry skin problems, autumn and winter may wish to put a humidifier in the office, can effectively relieve indoor dryness.