What are the ways to hydrate in winter?

In winter, not only does the air become very dry,our skin also begins to lack a lot of water, although many people will carry out a variety of care for their skin,but still still not a good way to improve the problem of dry skin.In the face of this skin problem learn hydration tips, winter no longer see dry skin.

So what are the ways to hydrate the skin in winter?

1. Hydrate with a wet towel

Washing your face is something that everyone does every day, but in the dry season of winter, we still need to do a lot of work to care after washing your face. The easiest and most convenient is to use a wet towel to apply face hydration, which can well avoid dry skin problems.

How to: First of all, put a clean towel in the water and soak it, and then directly fish it out and put it on the face skin for about a minute, which can play a very good effect of maintaining, soothing and hydrating.

2. Maintain the habit of drinking plenty of water

We all know that 80% of the human body is composed of water,so whether it is the moisture of the skin or the operation of the human body is inseparable from a lot of water.When entering the dry winter period, it is necessary to insist on at least eight glasses of water a day, so as to bring sufficient moisture to the skin, so that the whole body skin becomes permanently hydrated.

3. Strictly control the number of face washes

Many times doctors and skin experts will recommend that we can not over-wash our face, because the body secrete oil, can form a protective film on the surface, thereby reducing the appearance of dry skin.Therefore, it is recommended that you wash your face more than 2 times a day in winter skin care, but also need to choose a facial cleanser suitable for their skin properties,to avoid excessive cleaning to take away moisture.

4. Eat more vitamins

People who know a little bit about skin care know that vitamins play a very important role in skin nourishment and care.Once there is a vitamin deficiency, it will be accompanied by rough skin, peeling, dryness and other problems, so in the winter should pay more attention to vitamin intake.

5. Multi-layer apply lotion

Winter cuties can use lotion to hydrate the skin, the use of lotion should not be stingy oh, you can apply multiple layers, first clean the skin, then soak the cotton pad in the lotion, apply the skin in a patting manner, repeated three or four times a day, so that the skin wants to lack water is very difficult.

6. Choose a moisturizing sleep mask

Winter weather is dry, it is important for the skin to moisturize and hydrate in a timely manner,and the night skin is just the best time period for skin repair, cuties can not ignore this period of hydration work.Choose a moisturizing type of sleep mask to use,clean the facial skin before going to bed,then apply toner, and finally apply moisturizing sleep mask, can relieve the dry and rough state of the skin the next day,but also can effectively let the moisture penetrate into the skin, moisturizing the skin.

7. Hot pack masks for hydration

Want to make the skin better lock moisture, cuties may wish to apply a hot compress when applying the mask, ordinary mask paper is very dissatisfied, and some of the dead corners of the skin is not easy to take care of, hydration effect is not so good.

And the choice of hot mask, not only can make the skin better hydration and nutrition, but also more effective to lock in moisture.Soak the lotion mask paper affixed to the clean skin,then cover with a hot towel, gently massage, the nutrients in the mask can fully penetrate into the skin.

Suggestion: We can eat more vegetables, eggs, orange-red fruits and lean meat in life; in addition to conditions can also take vitamins with health effects directly, regular daily service is also able to play a very good nourishing effect.

The skin itself is very fragile, especially in this dry environment in winter, we need to be more comprehensive and meticulous preparation.As long as we can do the above, it can be very good to avoid the problem of dry skin in winter, so that the skin remains long-lasting hydration and luster.

Learn these hydrating tips for winter skin that is not afraid of dryness