What are the tools of sun protection

1. Prepare umbrellas and sun umbrellas to prevent UV rays and rain. Choose the first layer of the parasol lane;

2.Ultraviolet light entering the eyes will cause pigmentation,you can wear sunglasses in summer.

3. Ultraviolet light can change the color of hair. Wear a hat when you are at the beach or swimming pool,and if you get your hair wet, dry it immediately.

4. Ultraviolet light can penetrate brightly colored clothes. The strongest ability of the outer line is black,and the weakest is white.

5. Anti-UV cap should be selected according to the edge. Even if you wear a hat, apply sunscreen.

6. Accidental sunburn, like minor burns, requires anti-inflammatory treatment.

(1) Cool with cold water or a towel soaked in cold water.

(2)Vaseline after the burning sensation disappears;

(3)After stabilization, replace gasoline with less irritating cosmetics.