What are the methods of autumn skin care

1. Change skin care products according to seasonal changes

Autumn weather is relatively dry should choose a sunscreen with a water-locking function, choose a mild moisturizing sunscreen, and will not exacerbate the dryness of the skin.In addition, excessive stress, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light and staying up late can cause yellowing and dullness of the skin. Vitamin C should be selected to inhibit the synthesis of melanin to achieve the effect of whitening and nourishing the skin.Usually you can eat rich in vitamin C relatively rich citrus fruits and fresh dates and so on.

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2. Prevent acne

Autumn face cuticle may suffer some damage, blind use of cleansing too strong cleansing milk, will bring further irritation to the skin, infringing on the skin barrier.Try to choose a mild facial cleanser that contains amino acids to protect the cuticle.You must apply 2 to 3 times a week hydrating moisturizing mask, drink more water,eat more water-rich seasonal vegetables and fruits such as loofah cucumber pear and so on.

3. Hydration is important

Even if too much water does not do a good job of moisturizing, everything is in vain.Whether the skin is in a state of hydration, mainly related to the ability of the skin to lock water, so the diet should consume appropriate oil to lock the moisture of the dermis.Regular drinking green tea contains antioxidants, can slow down the damage caused by free radicals to the skin.Try to choose skin care products containing vitamin ingredients,the vitamin c vitamin e and vitamin a skin care products can enhance its moisturizing effect,so that the skin has been in a state of hydration and smoothness.

4. Hot compress before washing your face

After getting up in the morning, some people face swelling,want to quickly remove puffiness should first use a hot towel hot compress,which can promote local blood circulation, help to subside puffiness, while helping the skin open out excess toxins in the body, prevent the precipitation of melanin, to avoid skin dullness and spots.In addition, not frequent exfoliation, can be removed once a month, frequent exfoliation will exacerbate the sensitivity of the skin.