What a girl should do on a daily basis to get good skin

When you reach a certain age, you will envy the 18-year-old girl's skin is supple and supple. In fact, human skin begins to take the downward route after the age of 25. Then the maintenance of the skin must start from the age of 20, and the moisture of the skin is locked from the beginning.So how do you take care of skin care every day?What should I pay attention to in the usual maintenance of the skin?

How to skin care daily

1. It is important to drink water

Drinking a cup of warm water in the morning can cleanse the intestines and replenish the moisture lost at night.A drink at night can ensure that the blood will not be too sticky due to lack of water overnight.Blood viscosity will accelerate the lack of oxygen in the brain and the deposition of pigments, so that aging comes early.

2.Drink more vinegar

Eating vinegar in three meals a day can delay the occurrence of vascular sclerosis. If you really don't like to drink friends, you can put a little vinegar in the daily facial wash, which can play a role in beauty.

3.One cup of yogurt a day

Yogurt is more easily absorbed by the body than milk,and one cup of yogurt is guaranteed every day, which can supplement calcium.

4.One tomato a day

Among fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are one of the highest vitamin C content, so at least one tomato a day is guaranteed to meet the vitamin C required for a day.

How to maintain good skin Daily How to skin care What to pay attention to in skin care.

5.Drink more tea

Drink tea if you have nothing else to do. If there is nothing wrong with your stomach, green tea and oolong tea are best.Especially those women who want to lose weight, tea is the most natural and effective weight loss agent,and nothing can eliminate intestinal fat better than tea.

What to pay attention to in maintaining the skin

1. Wash your face with warm water

Due to the relatively large temperature difference between the cold water and the facial skin, it will cause flushing on the face after cleaning. Over time, it will lead to the expansion and thickening of the facial skin microvascular, which will affect the appearance.Therefore, when washing your face, try to use warm water to wash your face.

2.Soak your feet more

The feet are where the meridians of the human body meet.Soaking your feet with hot water can improve blood circulation in the feet and the whole body,which is very good for maintaining the skin.

How to maintain good skin Daily How to skin care What to pay attention to in skin care.

3.Do not stay up late

The human body's hormone secretion has a certain time pattern.It is best not to work and study at night. It is best not to exceed 12 o'clock. Staying up late often will lead to rough skin and dark spots.Normal people should maintain 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

4.Apply the mask frequently

Every night before going to bed,a simple mask should be made.Its role is to eliminate the dirt deposited on the face, and make the skin do a“tight exercise”, and then apply skin care products, so that the skin at night can get the most scientific repair.


Usually it's okay to exercise more,and you will sweat after exercise,which has a certain effect on relieving body puffiness and improving sleep.Sticking to exercise for half an hour a day can improve the blood circulation of the skin and make the skin more shiny.