Ways to moisturize the skin in winter

Dry winter comes, dry skin MM can worry, because the dry weather, the skin is easy to lack water, looks dry and rough,and even peeling, so how to moisturize in winter?

Steam face

Dry skin can also be steamed with steam to speed up facial blood circulation.First apply some nutritional cream on the face, then use an electric hot cup or washbasin to fill hot water,add the right amount of glycerin and other skin care products, until the steam rises,the face is placed on the steam fumigation,so that the face flushes so far, can be used once or twice a week.

Night Intensive Hydration

Night is the best time for skin repair,and the absorption effect of skin care products at night is also very good.So dry skin before going to bed can use some more powerful hydration hydration essence, to add moisture to the skin, the second up, the skin is more tender and moving.

Choose a cream-type skin product that does not contain alkaline substances

For dry skin, less oil secretion, the skin is more likely to dry in winter, so must not choose too strong cleansing facial cleanser, must use mild cleansing products, it is best to use cream-type skin products that do not contain alkaline substances, such as facial cleanser containing glycerin, which is less irritating to the skin;do not wash your face with poor soap, sometimes do not use facial cleanser, only wash your face with water.Wash your face no more than twice a day.When the skin dryness and lack of water is very serious, you should avoid using a dry towel to wipe, just use tissue paper to gently suck dry water.

Toner Plus Moisturizer Hydration

Dry skin After each cleansing, it is best to use a powerful lotion that hydrates.Because lotion can immediately replenish the moisture of the skin, so that the skin is hydrated and moist.But it is better to stay away from lotions containing alcohol, so as not to irritate the skin.Winter pay attention to the skin to add moisture at the same time to add appropriate oil, the use of rich texture, adequate nutrition cream products.Especially when suddenly exposed to the dry and hot air outside from the room, before going out to wipe some oily skin cream or foundation cream,to build a protective film to the skin.

What to eat in winter can moisturize

1. Eat avocado in winter

Avocado is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E,as well as unsaturated fatty acids, which can help the skin lock moisture and strengthen the elasticity of the skin.Usually you can mix olive oil and salt together to eat,or directly mix salad to eat.

2. Eat fish in winter

Salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, anchovies and rainbow trout have a nourishing effect on the skin, fish contains fatty acids can strengthen the skin, resist radiation and ultraviolet damage, but also eliminate inflammation, prevent cancer.Some fish also contain selenium, which can make the skin more smooth, tender and elastic.

3. Eat orange vegetables in winter

Orange or yellow vegetables contain vitamin A, which can be directly converted into vitamin A after entering the body, which is very good for the skin. In addition, their antioxidant capacity can relieve dry skin and protect the skin from irritation and damage from the external environment.Most orange foods contain vitamins A and C, which repair body tissue and produce collagen.