Top 10 Causes of Enlarged Pores

A lot of people will find that the pores on their face are large,so what is the cause of large pores?What should I do if I have large pores?How do you usually reduce pores?Let's take a look at it.

Enlarged Pores

1. Squeeze pimples,pimples

If too much sebum accumulates, the pores are blocked and prone to pyogenic bacteria,hair follicles are easily inflamed, resulting in acne, acne, more and more.Once the dermis is injured, it is difficult to produce new cells,leaving uneven scars, so that the pores become thick.

2. Deep Cleansing Mask

The deep mask will first hold the pores large, in order to bring out the oil and dirt.Therefore, be sure to remember to“converge " afterwards.Oily skin, oil secretion is very strong, pores are large, most limited to the nose, chin, forehead,and these places are also the most prone to acne, acne.At this time to choose cosmetics and other skin care products, so as not to later will become more serious, resulting in scars and other sequelae.

3. Alcoholism

Moderate alcohol can speed up blood circulation and make the look rosy.But when alcohol works, the pores will also open, and drinking is likely to cause swelling of the body, pores will open naturally and then inevitable.So, for the sake of beauty, drink less.

4. Rough sex

Staying up late,irregular life, changing seasons and affected by male hormones, so that keratin metabolism rate is not normal, thick keratin accumulates around the pores, so that pores become rough,easy to be blocked, resulting in the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and gradually support the inside of the pores.

5. Pore dirt obstruction

The basal layer of the epidermis of the skin is constantly producing cells, and transported to the upper layer, cells will naturally fall off after aging.But the pores are blocked,can not fall off so that the pores expand.

6. Sagging skin aging

With the increase of age, blood circulation gradually poor, subcutaneous tissue fat layer is easy to relax, lack of elasticity, do not give appropriate maintenance and care to accelerate aging, pores are getting larger and larger.

7. Smoking

Cigarettes will slow down blood circulation,nutrients can not be smoothly delivered to the skin,so dry, aging will report early,face lines naturally droop, pores support large.

8. Strong oil secretion

Pores with strong sebum secretion are like an active volcano, allowing oil to erupt anytime, anywhere;and pores with less oil secretion, like an extinct volcano, pores naturally do not look obvious.

9. Dryness, lack of water

Once the keratin is full of water, it will expand like a water-sucking sponge, the cells around the pores are filled with water and expand, the pores will naturally become less obvious;on the contrary, the lack of water on the surface of the skin, the cuticle will appear dry, rough appearance,pores become more obvious.

10. Infected mites

After mite infection, parasitic in people's facial sebaceous glands are rich in places, mites in the dark light at night peristaltic crawl to the mouth of the hair follicle to mate and lay eggs, because mites in and out of the mouth of the hair follicle every day, over time the pores irritate large, which is also a cause of large pores.