The right steps for skincare at night

The right steps for skin care at night


Whether it is a sister paper for dry skin or oily skin, you must not choose a facial cleanser with too strong cleaning power.To use mild cleansing products, it is best to use cream-type cleansing products that do not contain alkaline substances.For example, a facial cleanser containing glycerin that is less irritating to the skin.

How to skin care at night What are the steps of skin care at night? What are the techniques for moisturizing skin care?

2.Strengthen moisturizing and hydrating

After cleansing, use a toner with a strong moisturizing function.It is recommended not to use water containing alcohol to avoid irritating the skin.

Now that it has entered autumn and winter,then while replenishing moisture, you must also add appropriate oils.Choose creams, lotions, and hydrating serums with refreshing texture and sufficient nutrition to hydrate the skin and moisturize and moisturize the skin.


The mask should choose more moisturizing, and use less whitening and astringent effects.

Apply the mask to see the absorption of the mask to know the recent skin state.If the absorption is not good,it proves that the skin state is really bad,and it must be adjusted through sleep and diet.In addition, after applying the remaining essence of the face, you can wipe the neck or use it as a hand mask.

4.Steaming face

Steaming your face with steam can speed up facial blood circulation.You should apply some nutritional cream on your face first, or use it after the mask, then use a steaming face instrument or washbasin to fill with hot water,add an appropriate amount of glycerin and other skin care products,and when the steam rises, extend your face over and fumigate, steam until your blushes red, and you can use it once or twice a week.

5.Use moisturizing spray

Naked skin has poor resistance to the outside world, and then with a moisturizing spray, spray something and nothing, spray it before going to bed to maintain the hydrated state of the skin.

Skin Care Tips at Night

1.Supplement vitamin C

If the skin does not get enough rest, the nutrients in it will be lost too much.If you take beauty products in normal times,you can eat vitamin C and other products before going to bed,so that its absorption effect is not only better than during the day,but also the skin can be more fully repaired at night,so that the elasticity and luster of the skin are more ideal.If you do not have the habit of eating these products in normal times, then you can use some skin care products with vitamin C.So that the skin can turn white at night.

2. Add a layer of cling film to the mask

The skin will face the problem of lack of water at night, and applying a mask is the best solution, the mask can make the skin moist.However, in autumn and winter, many people will find that the mask dries faster.In fact, the nutrients on the mask are evaporated by the air. For this situation, you can cover the mask with a layer of cling film so as not to air-dry the mask, so that the skin can absorb more effects.In addition, we should note that because the skin is in a tired state at night,the purification in the mask is difficult to absorb. At this time, toner should be used to massage the skin before applying the mask, so that the blood can speed up. After applying the mask, the nutrients absorbed will be more and better.

3. Choose a night cream with plant ingredients

Plant essential oils are natural molecules. It takes ordinary vegetable oil molecules to be small,and the permeability and diffusion are faster,and it is easier to be absorbed by the skin.Usually, good quality night creams have this ingredient. It not only plays the effect of locking water, but also quickly enters the skin with the help of oil-soluble ingredients, so that the inside and outside of the skin can be nourished. Therefore, when choosing a night cream, you should choose this as much as possible.

4.Simplify maintenance

Many people will apply a lot of skin care products in order to nourish the skin more effectively, but in fact, as long as the use of serums and creams can repair the deep layers of the skin, and this will also affect the mediation ability of the skin and the breathing of the skin.So skin care products do not need to be applied too much, too thick, otherwise it will increase the burden on the skin.