The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin is?

Many people think that drinking enough 8 glasses of water a day, the skin will not dry the problem of lack of water, in fact, even if you drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, the skin is still impossible to remain supple.Although drinking water is important for skin moisturizing, it is difficult to improve the lack of water in our skin by drinking water alone.

The right way:Although the surface skin can not get moisture directly from the inside of the body, but at the bottom of the skin, there is a steady stream of moisture, always flowing to the surface.For healthy skin, the source of water is as full of energy as a spring.So drink more water every day,but to do a good job of internal and external cooperation, in addition to drinking water, but also to use the relevant moisturizing and hydrating products.

What are the misconceptions about moisturizing

Positive solution: Science has shown that drinking a lot of water at once does little to relieve dry skin, because although water is delivered to skin cells, it is usually metabolized before it reaches the skin.Drinking 1,800 milliliters of water a day is enough to provide the skin's daily moisture needs.Drinking too much water, not only increase the burden on the kidneys, a lot of urination will also take away a lot of useful electrolytes and minerals in the body,and these are important water-locking elements in the skin.

Myth 1:The most effective hydration should use completely oil-free skin care products.

Positive solution: Any skin hydration at the same time need the right amount of oil to lock in moisture, especially the lack of water and more oil-deficient special dry skin, only the first oil, and then water can achieve a good hydration effect.Therefore, to judge the effectiveness of hydration depends on whether to find the real cause of water shortage,so as to make targeted hydration and lock water.

Myth 2: Oil-rich skin care products are more water-locked.

Positive solution: Oil can indeed protect the sebum film, reduce the evaporation of water, but greasy skin care products are not necessarily more moisturizing than refreshing skin care products, and it may also increase the secretion of facial oil, block pores or cause sensitivity,the higher the oil will block the skin's access to moisture in the air, weaken the skin itself has a natural water-locking function.

Myth 3: Spray some water on the skin every few hours to hydrate.

Positive solution:As an emergency measure, the moisturizing toner sprayed on the face can indeed let the skin temporarily in a state of moisture, relieve dryness.But be sure to remember to spray the water to apply emulsion, otherwise, volatilization but take away more moisture.

Myth four: Steamed noodles are also a good way to replenish water.

Positive solution: For oily skin, where sebaceous glands secrete too much, the metabolism accelerates after steaming noodles, which can only lead to more vigorous oil secretion.For dry, tired skin, if not combined with effective moisturizing or the number of times is too frequent, steaming noodles is easy to make the skin's own moisture loss.

Myth five: Apply a moisturizing mask every day, the skin must be water.

It is not impossible to apply a simple hydrating moisturizing mask every day, but the effect is not as magical as you think, because it only temporarily improves the hydration of the skin,the real deep improvement of dry skin hero may be the moisturizing essence and night cream you use later.

Eat more of these hydrating foods

1) Cucumber

The water content is 96.7%.Cucumber is the best food for summer hydration,and its moisture content is the highest of all foods.Cucumbers can be used as a salad or as a cold dish.It is also a good choice to make an iced drink with cucumbers, yogurt, mint and ice cubes.

2) Lettuce

Water content 95.6%.Usually, nutritionists prefer to recommend spinach and other high-fiber vegetables.But when it comes to hydration, lettuce is a lot higher than them.When summer comes, eating lettuce as a side dish for sandwiches or other entrees is a very healthy way to hydrate.

3) Celery

Water content 95.4%.Celery is very low in energy, but it contains a lot of water and dietary fiber can effectively suppress people's appetite.In addition, celery is rich in folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin K.Because celery contains a lot of water, it can also neutralize stomach acid, effectively treat heartburn and other symptoms.

4)Water radish

Water content 95.3%.Daikon is perfect for spring and summer, it has a sweet and spicy taste, bright color and crisp texture, it is very suitable for salad with other vegetables to eat.