The maximum number of layers of skin care products these steps should be remembered

According to surveys, women use an average of 12 kinds of skin care products every day,which means that more than 100 kinds of chemical components are applied to their faces every day.Will this help them stay young forever or accelerate aging?Skin care procedures do have more steps,but in general, they are divided into basic skin care and enhanced care. The former includes cleansing (cleansing and makeup remover), moisturizing, sunscreen, and the latter includes whitening and anti-wrinkle.The use of skin care products must comply with the following principles, in order to achieve the purpose of beauty:

Skin care products Apply up to a few layers Which skin care products are more moisturizing How to moisturize the skin

First, properly cleanse and remove makeup.Sun, dust,skin metabolites, and cosmetics all form dirt on the surface of the skin, so cleaning is an essential procedure.It should be emphasized that after using makeup remover products, you do not need to clean your face again. Only products containing grease such as makeup remover oil and makeup remover cream will leave more oil on your face and need to clean your face again.Sensitive skin should use safe cosmeceutical products to cleanse the face,which contains few and fine ingredients, both safe and effective.

Second, pay attention to moisturizing and sunscreen.No matter what kind of product is used,there needs to be a certain order of use. If the order is wrong, it will not work.In general,the products with the smallest molecular weight are used first, increasing in order,and the ones with the largest molecular weight are used finally, usually in the order of lotion, essence, lotion, and cream.Sunscreen is generally the last step,if you use foundation and powder with sunscreen effect in the future, you can not use sunscreen products alone.

Third, proper whitening and anti-wrinkle.This is an enhanced care on top of basic skin care, designed for people with whitening and anti-wrinkle needs.Because whitening products are usually acidic,it is easy to cause dry skin after use, so it should be used with moisturizing products.

Skin care products Apply up to a few layers Which skin care products are more moisturizing How to moisturize the skin

Fourth,simply put on makeup.In daily life, it is recommended to wear light makeup or "naked makeup".If the skin is in good condition, as long as you lightly apply some foundation, then apply a thin powder to set makeup, swipe blush on the cheeks, and apply a little lip balm and lipstick on the lips, the human condition will be very good, and the skin tone will appear natural and translucent.

Fifth, adjust the product structure regularly.Many women's skin condition is worse than usual a week before their physiological period or when they change seasons.In these special periods, it is recommended to do subtraction when skin care, that is, use only basic skin care products,and try to use safe and non-allergic cosmeceuticals to reduce irritation.

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Moisturizing skin care products can increase the water content of the epidermis,help restore the damaged skin barrier function after cleaning, and make rough skin smooth and soft.They can be divided into four categories.

Lotion.When it comes to moisturizing, the first thing that comes to mind is lotion, including toner, firming water and toner, which has the effect of moisturizing, stabilizing the skin, and balancing the acidity and alkalinity of the skin.Add alcohol, menthol and other astringents to the toner to balance sebum secretion and slightly reduce pores.It is suitable for oily and insensitive skin.Toner mostly contains hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients,the texture is moisturizing,the purpose is to quickly moisten the keratin,and pave the way for the subsequent use of moisturizing products.Pure dew is a byproduct of essential oil distillation.It has no preservatives,is mild in nature,and can be carried with you. When the skin is dry, spray it and pat it.

Essence class.Moisturizing essence is formulated from highly concentrated moisturizing ingredients, which are easy to be absorbed by the skin, and the moisturizing efficiency is much higher than other dosage forms of moisturizing products, suitable for all skin.Beauty oil is an oily essence, usually composed of natural vegetable oil and other high-concentration moisturizing ingredients, effectively supplement the lipids of the stratum corneum, accelerate the recovery of sebum film, relieve dryness, stabilize the skin barrier.The original liquid is a high-purity plant essence directly extracted from natural plants, with powerful efficacy.Pay attention to the lack of water locking function in water and essence products, and it is not enough to achieve the ideal state alone. Follow-up lotion or cream cream moisturizing products are essential.

Various creams and creams.Moisturizing gel has a high water content,with polymer polymers as the main matrix ingredients,and few oily ingredients,which makes the skin feel fresh,and is suitable for young or oily skin with normal oil secretion.Moisturizing lotion mixed with oil and water can form a water-locked protective film on the surface of the skin to prevent water loss. It is characterized by good fluidity and easy to apply.Moisturizing cream contains a high proportion of fat, can add oil to the skin, suitable for dry, neutral skin, and mixed skin cheeks use.

Mask.Moisturizing mask promotes the hydration of the stratum corneum, prolongs the time the water stays on the skin, and prevents moisture evaporation.The principle is the process of”forcing " moisture into the stratum corneum, which is the same as lotion and moisturizer.This is like the relationship between three meals and afternoon tea.Three meals are the basic needs.As long as the basic needs are met, the skin will be in good condition. Don't give up.