The correct skin care steps after applying the mask

Correct skin care steps after applying mask

1.Massage.After applying the mask, you can massage the face,which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients in the mask by the facial skin, can also accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, and reduce the production of fine lines.

2.Replenish water.After the massage is cleaned, it is necessary to hydrate the skin, because the mask is easy to absorb surface moisture while hydrating the skin. At this time, hydration is conducive to the absorption of moisture by the face.

3.Moisturizing.After filling the water, you must also lock the facial skin and moisturize it.

Is it good to wash your face after applying the mask or not to wash your face

Depending on the situation.

Whether you want to wash your face after applying the mask is generally based on the situation. If it is a patch mask or a mud cream mask, then you need to clean your face after applying it. If you don't wash your face, the residual serum in this kind of mask will clog pores and make the skin unable to breathe fresh air.

And if it is a sleep mask, it can be applied directly to sleep.In the process of sleep, the skin will absorb the nutrients in the mask, but generally use water to clean the face the next morning and then skin care.

The correct steps to apply a mask

1.Cleanses the face.Clean the face before applying the mask.If you make up, you should also do a good job of removing makeup. If the cleaning work is not done, it is easy to make the dust particles in the air, radiation residues, and oil metabolites secreted by the skin remain in the pores.

2.Hot compress.After cleaning the face, you can apply a hot towel on the face for a few minutes,which can open the pores of the face and is conducive to the absorption of the essence in the subsequent mask.

3.Apply a mask.Don't make exaggerated expressions when applying the mask, but also pay attention to the problem of obedience.

Precautions for applying a mask

1.After normal cleansing, apply the mask as soon as possible while the skin has moisture. It is not recommended to delay the waiting time too long.

2.If it is sensitive skin, then it is best to do a test on the inside of the arm or behind the ear before applying the mask.Once there is discomfort, it should be stopped immediately.

3.When you finish applying the mask, you should expose it from the bottom up. If you often expose the mask from the top down, it is easy to cause the skin to relax, and wrinkles may also occur.