The best secret for beautiful skin

The best secret for beautiful skin

The skin on the elbows, calves and knees is also beautiful
Some areas are easy to dry out. Such places always need special care, not just in the cold winter. Use Nivea SOS Care Body Lotion to prevent dry skin from pulling and itching. Nivea SOS Care Body Lotion contains the provitamin Dexpanthenol, which can enhance the skin's ability to retain moisture and prevent moisture loss by forming a moisturizing film.

What if your elbows are particularly dry? Rub with lemon. It is a natural citric acid scrub that does not contain coarse particles and is especially gentle on the skin.

  • Care tips for each area-neck and clavicle line
  • There is a saying, by looking at a woman's neck, clavicle line and hands, one can tell her age.
  • Taking care of your skin is important to look younger.
  • The Nivea Q10 series will help you get more youthful skin.
  • Try scrubbing so that your skin does not get worse due to impurities.
  • Use facial products twice a week to exfoliate the neck and clavicle line.
  • It will restore bright light by removing dead cells.
  • Try using a moisturizing mask on the neck and clavicle line when taking a bath. It will be very lively.

What does our skin need on a cold winter day?

  • When the weather is cold, you need to pay special attention to keeping your skin soft and beautiful.
  • Avoid too hot water and long baths. If you take a bath too frequently or take a hot bath for a long time, the acid layer that protects the skin will become weak, and water will easily penetrate
  • Into the cornea, causing harmful substances to penetrate into the skin.
  • Keep the water temperature below 32°C to moisturize your skin, or use a pH-neutral bath product.
  • After showering, be sure to apply cream or lotion to provide adequate nutrition and moisture.
  • Replenish moisture: Do a body scrub and apply Nivea body lotion once a week.
  • Take care of your face according to your skin type.