Sunscreen, clean and clear skin trouble

Full-fledged summer began. When 'summer', the first thing that comes to mind is the hot sunshine. Intense sunlight makes you use sunscreen to a full extent. During the summer months, when UV blockers are used a lot, there is an increase in questions about how to wash them.

One of the most necessary things to prevent various skin diseases that are aggravated by ultraviolet radiation is ‘sunscreen’. Ultraviolet blocker is a basic and easy way to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, but many people still do not take care of it properly. Ultraviolet light is the main culprit for causing pigmentation, aging, and burns, such as blemishes, freckles, and black spots, so the use of ultraviolet light blocking agents to prevent this is essential.

The UV blocker should be squeezed into the size of a 500 won coin based on the type of cream or lotion and applied meticulously to the face, neck, and ears. It is good to apply 30 minutes before going out in advance, and it is good to apply every 2-3 hours. In strong sun, it is desirable to use products of SPF50+ and PA+++, and it is better to apply products that have only a single function of UV protection than products included in foundation or powder.

How is it better to wash off after applying these UV blockers?
If you do not have tonal makeup, it is enough to wash off soap cleansers such as cleansing foam alone. This is because the cleaning component of the soap makes the skin surface tension small, allowing sweat and foreign objects to fall off easily. If you apply sunscreen in a formulation such as a stick with a lot of oil, it is better to give a double wash. The stick formulation may contain ingredients that can clog pores, such as wax, so it is necessary to give a double wash. If you feel cloudy after applying sunscreen, you may continue to wash with soap because you think that even if you look a little white after washing, there are UV blocking ingredients left. It seems that there is something left, but the fact that it looks loose after washing is not because the UV blocker remains and shows whiteness, but because it is too badly washed and keratin appears to be loose.

If you wash too much so that there is no UV blocker left, it can cause skin irritation and stings and redness. If it is an oily formulation, it is sufficient to do a double wash and otherwise wipe clean with a sole soap wash. The more bubbles and frequent washing, the more damage the skin barrier causes. In such cases, the first symptom is dryness. When the skin dries, the barrier function of the stratum corneum drops, and if it becomes deep, red, stinging, and repeated, the skin may thicken and itch.

It is also good to take a sufficient amount of UV blocker, but it is also necessary to wipe it carefully so that no residue is left on the skin. However, too much cleansing is harmful to skin health. If you need to choose the right product and clear it, and you feel dry or dry skin after washing, you should apply a moisturizer to protect the moisture from flying.