Stay away from these myths for Autumn skin care

With the arrival of autumn, the temperature gradually drops, the humidity in the air will decrease,and the water molecules on the surface of the skin are easy to evaporate and dry the skin. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of moisturizing in autumn. I believe that many people will pay attention to skin care after entering autumn, but pay attention to avoid some mistakes in skin care.

What are the myths to know about autumn skin care?

1 . Daily face mask can improve Dry skin

I believe that a woman who feels her skin dry will let herself apply the mask frequently, especially every day, but do not know the appropriate mask can make the skin hydrated,but if you apply the mask too often will make the water loss more obvious, because too much mask nutrition after entering the skin will make the skin metabolism deteriorates, once it deteriorates the water loss will be faster,so not only can not moisturize, but also make the skin become more dry.

2. Washing your face with cold water can make pores shrink

When many people clean their skin in autumn, they think that cleaning with cold water can shrink pores and lock moisture, but they do not know that washing their face with cold water is not easy to make pores open. The substances inside the pores will accumulate in the pores and lead to clogging of pores, which will make excessive oil secretion and cause water and oil imbalance in the skin.

3. Use spray when drying

I believe that many people will carry some hydration spray with them, think that when their skin is dehydrated or unwell spray can relieve this phenomenon, but also make the skin full of moisture but do not know the spray, not only can not hydrate, but also lead to more dry skin, when the skin is dry occasionally spray will not have any effect,but if you let yourself spray frequently every day, it will make water molecules attached to the surface can easily be evaporated, but will take away the moisture of the skin.

4. The facial cleanser will be better to clean the strength of the larger

Some people with oily skin think that when they choose a facial cleanser, they choose something with a stronger cleaning force, which can remove the oil and lock the water to avoid drying, but a facial cleanser with a stronger cleaning force, although it can take away excess oil, but it will also make the skin dry,because the oil belt is taken away at the same time the water will also be lost in large quantities,so pay attention to choose a mild and non-harmful facial cleanser as much as possible.

Tips: in the autumn skin care should pay attention to these misunderstandings, do not let yourself blindly believe and blindly carry out, so not only can not hydrate, but it is easy to make the skin become more dry.Want to make their skin in the autumn is also moist,drink more water in the daily, eat more fruits and vegetables and also do a good job of moisturizing measures.

What's good for skin care?

1. Milk iron, copper and vitamin A has a cosmetic effect,can improve the activity of skin cells, delay skin aging, enhance skin tone, eliminate small wrinkles and other effects.Milk also has the effect of whitening, has always been a good beauty product for women.

2. Rich in vitamin E, not only can destroy the chemical activity of free radicals, inhibit skin aging, but also prevent pigmentation.Soy isoflavone is an estrogen-like, estrogen-like plant-based estrogen, can delay the aging of women's cells, so that the skin remains elastic.

3. Containing protein, sugar, fat, vitamins and carrots, nutrients ranked first in the same kind of vegetables, known as the”vegetable crown."Broccoli can enhance the skin's ability to resist damage,help maintain skin elasticity.

4. Rich in vitamin C, can interfere with melanin production, prevent pigmentation, keep the skin white, and help eliminate freckles on the skin.

5. Containing carotene and lycopene, help flatten wrinkles, make the skin tender and smooth.Often eat tomatoes are not easy to appear dark circles, and not easy to be sunburned.