Spring skin care hydration knowledge

Spring skin care hydration knowledge

1.The simplest way to hydrate is to drink water

Eight glasses of water a day, the first glass of water in the morning is the most important, after a night's rest, the body has consumed a lot of water, in the morning after waking up in time to the body to replenish a glass of water is very important. After waking up early to replenish the body with the first glass of water, this is one of the easiest ways to hydrate the skin.

How to hydrate the skin in the spring The way to hydrate the skin in the spring What to pay attention to in the spring skin care.

2.Morning after cleansing to the skin to pat on toner

After washing your face in the morning to shoot some toner, to be fully absorbed into the skin after applying a little lotion, lotion coated after gently patting the skin of the face, so that the skin can fully absorb the moisture.

3.Always give skin hydration spray

Prepare a small bottle of spray, whether it is out or in the office or in the office, in the school study also, ready a small bottle of spray. Our face all day is spent in the air pollution, even indoors there is a small amount of dust puffed on our face, especially large pores, face oil more, more attention should be paid to the skin at all times to hydrate ha!

4.Hydration mask

The best time for skin care is at night, after cleansing the face at night on the hydrating mask, with ordinary hydrating effect of the mask can be applied every night. After applying the mask to the face a small massage, gently pat, until absorbed, and then apply to the face with moisturizing and hydrating effect of cream, gently massage can be.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

5.Go to sleep early at night

After applying a good hydrating mask at night try to go to sleep early, sleep is the biggest weapon of beauty, only full sleep, you do hydration effect to play to the maximum.

What are the key points of spring skin care.

Key point one: anti-dryness

As the temperature rises the problem of hair follicles, sebaceous glands are relatively active, coupled with a drier climate, so the skin is more likely to appear dry and cracked problems, so anti-dry, moisturizing is the first point of spring skin care. It is recommended that the daily can first hydrate after moisturizing, can be appropriate to do some moisturizing mask, it is recommended that after each makeup can be sprayed on the face some moisturizing water, these can play a role in anti-dry, moisturizing.

Point two: allergy prevention

Spring is the season of allergies, especially the spring flowers, for some pollen allergic people are more likely to have allergic skin, allergic dermatitis. So spring skin care also pay attention to prevent skin allergies, it is recommended that allergic people less to go to places with more pollen to play, but also can choose some of the fine smooth skin care products containing green tea extract, licorice, aloe vera. In addition, here is a reminder that if you are accidentally allergic, do not apply hormonal creams, otherwise it will easily cause pigmentation, skin atrophy and other problems.

Spring skin how to hydrate spring skin hydration methods spring skin care to pay attention to which.

Point three: pay attention to moisturizing

Moisturization is carried out under the premise of anti-dryness, personal advice spring whether skin care products or cosmetics should try to choose a better moisturizing, remember to choose greasy beauty care products, if there are conditions, you can also use soft skin, if there is rose oil, olive oil, then appropriate to apply points in massage until absorption, the effect of moisturizing will be a little more obvious.

Point four: shrink pores

The pores of the skin will gradually be opened in spring, and the pores will be too large to make a person look more aged, and if the cleaning is not complete, it may cause the pores to be clogged and cause cystitis, so it is recommended that you can often steam your face with water steam, or choose a toner with the effect of shrinking pores. It is recommended to pay attention to shrinking pores after cleaning the skin on a daily basis.

The fifth point: good sun protection

Many people think that the spring sunlight is softer, so there is no need to do sunscreen, but in fact it is not, any season is necessary to do a good job of sunscreen, and spring is no exception. The ultraviolet rays in spring are also very strong, and if you do not pay attention to sunscreen for a long time, it is easy to cause sun spots. Spring in principle, choose ordinary sunscreen can be, if there are conditions, it is recommended to try isolation cream skin care, which can also play the role of isolation of UV rays, more conducive to beauty.

Point sixth: Makeup must be removed after makeup

Modern women have the habit of wearing makeup, makeup itself can make people look more elegant, the whole person is also more spiritual. But some female friends are tired and anxious to sleep, it is likely to appear not to remove makeup or remove makeup is not complete, and these may cause greater damage to the skin.

So usually be sure to remove your makeup, and to remove it thoroughly, so that it is conducive to skin care.