Some skin care tips

1:Be sure to drink water often

Drinking water is an important way of daily beauty and skin care,especially in summer, drink about 5 cups of water a day to keep the skin hydrated and prevent skin dehydration and other dryness!

2:Learn to do facial care

Facial massage can promote blood circulation,improve metabolism, and achieve the effect of facial sewage detoxification!

3:Clean the skin

Skin cleansing is an important step in daily skin care. Nowadays, pollution is getting more and more serious. Therefore, clean your face thoroughly sooner or later after taking it home every day.

4:Keep a good mood

A good mood, calmly face anything,reduce emotional stress,let yourself easily fall asleep,let the body and skin achieve good internal circulation,and keep the spirit! This is a very important step for beauty and skin care! People who like to say it in real life may be Tianshan traditional nursery rhymes!

5:Pay attention to diet and maintain a moderate weight

In the beauty and skin care at the same time, pay attention to maintain a moderate weight, if the weight begins to increase significantly, pay attention to avoid edema of the skin or muscles. If you lose too much weight, wrinkles, stripes, etc. will appear on the skin!

6:Eat less light food

Eating or burning less food, especially in the morning, will increase the absorption of sunlight during the day, resulting in darkening of the skin. Daily photosensitive foods include: leeks,rapeseed, red beans,snails,black beans, spinach and so on!