Some reasons for permanent makeup failure

1. Incorrect eyebrow design. Eyebrow design is the key to creating the ideal eyebrow shape. Eyebrows that are not designed according to the characteristics of the customer's eyebrows and the shape of the eyebrow bow should be a failure.

2. The technique of tattoo is not enough,and the intensity is not enough. Eyebrows need to master the depth, density and skill of the direction of eyebrow growth. The eyebrow line is black and dense,and the whole eyebrow looks stiff and dull. When tattooing eyebrows,the technique is cut too deep and too dense,the lines are too deep,and the penetration of the skin is deeper than the dermis,and the pigment is swallowed up by the pigment cells and turns blue.

3. Eyebrow lines use the wrong color,poor quality pigment. People with poor professional ethics in the beauty industry choose poor quality pigments in order to save money, so the color of their eyebrows will turn blue or follow the color after taking it off.

Therefore, you should be more strict about your eyebrows, and find a tattooist you can trust in the official organization to avoid a series of problems and pain after your eyebrows.