Skin care ingredients with whitening effect

Nicotinamide: Whitening freckles

It has anti-glycosylation effect, dilutes the yellow color of the protein after glycosylation, and reduces melanin deposition.

Tranexamic acid: Whitening and dyeing

A protease inhibitor that can inhibit epidermal cell diseases in dark spots and improve pigmentation.

Kojic acid: inhibits melanin

Kojic acid maintains the color of food,whitens the skin,reduces freckles and spots,and reduces the production of melanin.

Arbutin:Whitening whitening skin

Inhibits tyrosinase activity in the body, prevents melanin production,removes spots and freckles, and has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

VC:Whitening antioxidant

It breaks down melanin in the skin,prevents pigmentation,prevents pigmentation and freckles,and makes the skin fair and soft.

Oligopeptide: Whitening freckle

Scavenges free radicals,activates basal cell regeneration,achieves whitening effect, promotes cell metabolism,and improves melanin excretion.