Skin care ingredients with restorative and anti-allergy properties

Squalane: Moisturizing and emollient

Inhibit skin oxidation,provide oxygen to the skin,effectively penetrate the skin,promote cell growth. It blends with its own sebum film to form a natural barrier.

Ceramide:Protective barrier

It is present in the corneal layer and has the effect of preventing skin moisture loss, restoring the skin barrier, and anti-aging.

Astaxanthin: Semi-derived

Antioxidant effect can remove free radicals in cells,promote cell regeneration,maintain body balance, and reduce the accumulation of aging cells.

Centella Asiatica:Skin Repair

A common Chinese herbal medicine, can heal damaged skin,increase skin resistance, and has anti-inflammatory, soothing and swelling effects.

Vitamin: B5 improves activity.

You can improve the roughness and dullness of the skin by making antibodies and using moisturizing and moisturizing functions.

Calendula: calming and anti-inflammatory

It has a strong healing ability,can disinfect and shrink wounds,treat inflammation,acne,enlarged pores, and prevent cancer from leaving scars.