Skin care ingredients with anti-acne and oil control effects

Salicylic acid: soften cuties.

It blends with fat,removes excess oil from the skin,cleans pores,helps exfoliate, control oil and prevent acne.

Chamomile: soothes the skin.

Soothes and restores sensitive skin,reduces fine redness,reduces redness,regulates uneven skin tone,and has a soothing effect on itchy skin.

Retinoic acid:Control fat

Induce epidermal hyperplasia,thicken particles and thorn-like cell layers,treat acne and blackheads.

Tea Tree Extract:Cleanses pores

Purify and cleanse wound infections,antibacterial,anti-inflammatory,shrink pores,improve the symptoms of acne and acne treatment.

Allantoin: Acne Repair

It is an antioxidant that promotes cell tissue growth,metabolism and softens dead skin cells. Can treat purulent skin and accelerate wound healing.

Fruit acid:Blemishes and acne

Eliminate excessive accumulation of keratinocytes,reduce the number of stromal cell melanocytes, regulate sebum secretion, and increase collagen.